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Welcome to Screen Daze

Screen Daze started off in September 2010 as a column in The Bradford Student, which is the student newspaper for The University of Bradford.

With each monthly release, it grew and developed, at one point creating a spin off called ‘Anime Daze’, though which was short lived. In April 2011, Screen Daze was turned into a 1 hour Radio Show on Ramair 1350am.

You can find the main Screen Daze columns, along with miscellaneous content.

Screen Daze Column (2010-11) 

Issue 9: Silence is Golden… Or Grey

Where I review the first two episodes of Doctor Who Series 6, and write a special dedication to Elisabeth Sladen.

Issue 8: The Life Changing Decisions of Rebecca Black

My personal favourite from the year. I take a break from television, and discuss Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday

Issue 7:  Television and the Internet

Where I talked about how television and the internet are slowly becoming 1 platform.

Issue 6: American Idiots Being Human

More or less an anger fuelled rant upon discovering the american adaptation of Being Human.

Issue 5:  Review of 2010

Where I look into the highs and lows of television in 2010.

Issue 4: Christmas Special

Where I discuss Christmas television at its best and worst.

Issue 3: The Power Of Television

Where I look into the power that television can hold over us as an audience.

Issue 2: Angel Beats! Review

Where I review the mixed media project anime series ‘Angel Beats!’.

Issue 1: Skinning Up

Where I talk about the representation of young people in modern Tv, that is actually aimed at young people.

Screen Daze Podcast

Podcast #1: 12th May 2011

Where I discuss Doctor Who, Torchwood and introduce The Quiz Broadcast.

Podcast #2: 19th May 2011

Where I discuss Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood, and introduce The Pitch Broadcast.

Miscellaneous Content

Anime Daze: Angel Beats! – Stairway to Heaven & Another Epilogue

Where I attempt a Spin-off toScreen Daze that focus’ on Anime. Only lasted one Issue.


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