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My name is Liam Walters, and I was born and raised in Sheffield, UK.
I have studied at Castle College, gaining a BTEC First in IT Practitioners, and Norton College, gaining a Btec First in Media and a Btec National in Media (TV & Film).
I am currently at the University of Bradford, studying Television Production.

At the moment, I have lead two personal film project, which are Connection Unavailable (Which placed 8th in YobiFilm 2011) and Separation. I have been a part of a couple of other projects, and have been part of the workings of an award winning short film. I also directed a 6 minute short film for my Final Major Project at college entitled ‘Footprints’.

I also enjoy writing. I write short stories, some of which are posted into the ‘Fiction’ section of this site. I also write scripts for some of the short films that I have done. As you may have seen on this site, I also write articles and reviews regularly among other things. I am currently the Arts Editor for The Bradford Student.

I currently write a column for my university’s newspaper ‘The Bradford Student’ which I call ‘Screen Daze’, though web-versions of this article are available on this site, this was later turned into a radio show with the same name. Look at the Screen Daze page for more information.

Here is a collection of my best work. If you would like help with a writing or film project, feel free to contact me, with the following e-mail address:

[ Fiction ]

An Extract From: What I Wouldn’t Give

I looked forward, on the horizon a distance away, to where the sun had taken my one beloved.  A soft breeze flew through my hair as I wrapped my arms around myself. I was filled with a great sadness, but I did not feel alone. I knew a part of Seth would always be with me; the Seth of my memories, now once again reawakened. I could still feel the warmth of his body on mine as I now knew… I would forever treasure these memories, deep inside my heart, until the day I would take my final breath.

I leant against the tree, listening as the breeze blew through the leaves and grass, hoping to one day join that breeze, and travel over that horizon where Seth now rested…But not today; and as the wind carried my final tear from my face, I turned to walk back home, and I knew…

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[ Articles ]

An Extract From: Goodbye, My Sarah Jane

Elisabeth Sladen is possibly one of the very best companions, and the one who has stuck in the minds of all who watched her during the classic run, along with everyone who first saw her during the new series. No other companion has made such an impact in the lives of the fans, and I truly believe that no other companions could. I mean, could you imagine in 35 years time having ‘Adventures with the Ponds’ or ‘The Mickey and Martha Show’…

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[ Reviews ]

An Extract From: Married To The Machine [ Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wife Review ]

The chemistry between Idris and The Doctor is something that comes off spectacularly well, not just because of the great writing, but the fantastic acting between Matt Smith and Suranne Jones. There are some really touching moments between them, but also some laughable moments too. The final moment between Idris and The Doctor is possibly one of the greatest Who moments since the shows’ revival. I cannot applaud Smith enough for his outstanding acting during the scene, with the Doctor on the edge of breakdown, having to say goodbye (or hello) to the TARDIS/Idris, knowing that he will never be able to do so again.

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[ Screen Daze ]

An Extract From: The Life Changing Decisions Of Rebecca Black [ Issue 8 ]

So what about the song and the video has angered so many about this simple song, of a girl going to school on a Friday, having to decide between the front seat or the back seat… Well, one of the problems is that it’s exactly what the song is about. It’s more or less nothing important what so ever. She does, however, help us with the days of the week by telling us “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday, Today i-is Friday, Friday”, then for whatever reason loses all concept of grammar by saying “We-we-we so excited, We so excited, We gonna have a ball today”. She then helpfully gets back on to the days of the week “Tomorrow is Saturday, And Sunday comes afterrrrwards”.

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[ Videos ]

I wrote the script for ‘Connection Unavailable’ in November 2009, and then shot it in December. The entire thing had its final edited version in Spring 2010. The original version was entered into the No Limits Student Film Festival, and the re-edited ‘Redux’ version, which placed 8th in the YobiTV YobiFilm competition.

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