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The Review Written in My Early Days

Written By: Liam Walters

So back when Cybaria was on a different web-host, I wrote a review for Makoto Shinkai’s feature length animated film ‘The Place Promised in Our Early Days’. This was, in fact, a re-review, as I had actually already reviewed the film once… This film, was, my first and second reviews, though with a quite large length of time inbetween the two. The first was written for a friends website. With this being the first review I had ever considered doing, it was, truthfully, not my best piece of writing, and considerably shorter. Read the rest of this page »


The Midnight Shift of TV Land

So have you ever been awake at 3am and couldn’t sleep? Did you turn on the TV to try to rest your mind into sleeping, or perhaps even fell to sleep with the television on, waking up to find some strange program running? TV during the late and early hours an be quite a tricky thing to pull off, as the whole basis of scheduling is having a Target Audience to which you need to schedule to, but who could possibly be in the target audience at 3am?

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Summer Update: Things To Come in July

Written By: Liam Walters

So as we are now in the superb month of July, I think it’s time for the first of my Summer Updates. There will be quite a few things coming at you in July, as this is basically a month to celebrate a 1 year anniversary of my 1st article, not my 1st review, but my 1st review which kick-started Cybaria, as well as the celebration for the creation of the site (despite it existing in several forms previously, but I will explain more of that when the times comes).

So you won’t miss anything, I’ll list the important dates:
11th July 1 Year Since First Review
14th July ‘Torwchwood: Miracle Day’ starts on ‘BBC 1’ and ‘Starz’ (review will be posted 15th)
16th July 1 Year Since First Article
31st July 1 Year Since Site Creation

There will be more articles and reviews throughout the month, but these will be more of the important ones. For the 11th and 16th, my articles and reviews will be connected to the ones which I wrote originally. I will be doing weekly reviews of Torchwood: Miracle Day as it broadcasts, and will most likely be posted on the next day at 12:000 noon.

I should hopefully get my next article/review out sometime before Friday.

For now, I leave you with the UK trailer for Torchwood: Miracle Day.


The Future of Primeval, Why the BBC Should Show It’s Doctor Some Love, and Why ITV Needs to be Decisive

Written By: Philip Lickley

As Primeval Series five comes to its conclusion I thought I would take a brief look at Primeval series five; where I’d like to see Primeval going with a series six; and the future of British sci-fi in general. Read the rest of this page »

Primeval: Series 5 Episode 6 Review

Written By: Philip Lickley

*** Warning – contains spoilers ***

Sorry for the lateness of this review of this week’s concluding episode of Primeval Series Five but I have been away. So has the episode of Primeval been worth waiting for as much as, obviously, you have been waiting for this review? Well, it is an astounding yes.

After the CGI-fest of episode five that excelled in its sense of pacing, plot twists and plot development, we get what is basically part two of the story, as shown by the brief pre-credits summing up of the key points of the previous episode.

This concluding part of the series takes everything that has happened in series four and five and very neatly wraps it up and ties in some previous stories from the first three series very nicely and hints at what is to come. Read the rest of this page »

We Need Pottermore Information on Pottermore

Like to start with, what the hell actually is it? Maybe I should explain for those of you not in the know. Basically, about a week or so ago, a website came into knowledge called Pottermore, and it contain owls and a link to a J.K.Rowling Announces Youtube Page, which had a big, countdown clock, counting down towards the 23rd of June, at 12:00pm, where it stated there would be a new announcement about Pottermore.

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Primeval: Series 5 Episode 5 Review

Written By: Philip Lickley

*** Contains spoilers ***

Wow. So this was the big one for the series so far, methinks. But how did the latest episode of series five stack up in the pantheon of Primeval?

Well it certainly has been the episode with the widest scope and ambition and one that had to bring a lot to the screen and treat it well and with lots of consideration. Did it manage it? In the whole, yes.

After last’s week cliffhanger of Philip starting up the machine that will create a big anomaly we’d expect to pick up with that, but instead the episode kicks off right into the action with two teenage girls finding themselves stuck in a typical scene from a nightmare: a large T-Rex is on the rampage, eating people, and general causing a nuisance, in one of the most impressive examples of CGI you’ll ever see on a television show. Whereas, admittedly 17 years ago, Jurassic Park had to rely on weather, rain and darkness to cover up the gaps in CGI, here we have the most famous of dinosaurs running around in broad daylight and it looked fantastic.

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