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‘Illusion’ Promo

Written By: Liam Walters

So last Saturday, I decided to take my camera (Fujifilm S1600) and go film something. I’ve been trying to think of what my next film Project should be as I am wanting to adapt Purgatory into a theatre play. I had a few ideas floating around, but the one that stuck out most was ‘Illusion’ (the idea came to me whilst listening to VNV Nation’s ‘Illusion’)

So with that idea in mind, I went out to shoot a teaser promo. Now, the video itself doesn’t really explain much of anything, not the plot or the characters, but that wasn’t its job really. But that video is important, and will come into play later in the series. I want to plan for a 6 episode series (seems fitting as it’s actually the average length of a British TV series). Without giving too much away, Episodes 1 through 5 follows different people in their ‘Illusionary World’, whilst the 6th episode combines all the story together and gives fills out the rest of the plot, giving explanations to questions that have yet been answered.

Up to now, no scripts have been written, this is still a work in progress but I hope to have the first episode out before summer, then maybe another 2 or 3 over summer. I know its February, but I am hoping to have the series finished before Christmas. The series may be quicker, or take even longer, depending on several factors, such as ease of actors and location, University work and society work, and other film projects (at the moment, having one other, though that could grow depending).

The other film project in question, will be a not so average music video. That will be all that I’m saying at the moment, but be sure to keep an eye out.

Anyway, for now, enjoy the ‘Illusion Promo’


[ Cybarianet ] Promo 2011

Misc: Rum & Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

So its December, and with Christmas on its way, you and your friends/flatmates decide to get together and have a mini-christmas dinner before you go home for the Holidays. If you get the job of making the pudding, then here is a quick and simple recipe for a delicious tasting Rum & Chocolate Cake, which you can microwave easily in a mug.

Ingredients & Equipment:

2 Tablespoon Flour

2 Tablespoon Sugar

1 Tablespoon Drinking Chocolate Powder/Cocoa

1 Bar of Chocolate (100g)

1 Egg

1 Tablespoon Oil

1 Tablespoon Milk

1 Shot of Dark Rum

Cream (Optional)

1 Cup/Mug (For Mug ‘+’ ingredients by ½)

1 Fork

1 Sharp Knife

1 Chopping Board (Optional)


Place your Flour and Sugar into the Cup/Mug, then follow with your Chocolate Powder/Cocoa before mixing with the fork.

Place your chocolate on the Chopping Board, and chop vertically as finely on sideways as you can. Once done, then cut horizontally across all the flakes. Add 2/3 of these into the mixture now.

Add the Egg, Milk and Rum, mixing after adding each ingredients. One half of the remaining chocolate and mix once again, before placing the rest of the chocolate to rest on top of the mixture.

Place in the microwave, and set it to full heat for 3 minutes. Once out, get out a dish or a plate and tip the mug cake on to it (it should easily slide out)

Add the cream (I suggest doing this, as it adds a more interesting taste and texture to it) and if you like, add some more rum (¼ of a shot should do).

And there you have you, one Rum and Chocolate mug cake. One of these is easily enough for one, and would be enough for two if used with a mug.

There are other variations of this, such as using dried fruits or bananas instead of chocolate, or if you aren’t a fan of alcohol, just don’t add the rum (instead, use another ½ tablespoon of milk).

I hope everyone enjoys this quick and easy treat.

Happy Holidays Folks.

Ramble: Individuals are Stupid [Warning: Strong Language]

Written By: Liam Walters

So it’s been a while since I’ve written something non-media related, but this has been bugging me for a long time now. At the moment, we’re in a culture, especially with teenagers, where they feel the need to describe themselves as “Individuals”…

This… Is so… Fucking… Stupid!

I know it’s something odd to get so angry about, but hey, it’s not odd because I’m an individual so respect me!

Maybe it’s because I’ve learnt to group people together as ‘Target Audiences’ or whether it just seems so stupid and whiney it insults my intelligence as a human being, but what ever it is, I don’t really care.

I think the main thing is, that calling yourself an Individual is both stupidly obvious yet obviously false. Yes, you’re a human being, and as such you have your own thought process, you follow your own set of morals and have your own taste in food, music, or anything else you like. No one else on earth is an exact carbon copy. Even a clone wouldn’t be an exact copy as the way someone is brought up has an effect on who they are. So yes, it that way, you are correct. You are an individual and there is no one exactly like you in the entire world… As is the rest of the human race, so it’s a bit stupid to fucking go around stating it.

I mean, it would be like going around saying ‘I am a human’ because that’s a mind numbingly obviously truthful statement as ‘I am an individual’ is.

And then of course, you have the other side, the side that people normally refer to when talking about tastes. For this example, I’ll be using subcultures, as they tend to get the most common response of ‘I’m an Individual’.

You see, even though its true, as a human you have your own tastes in music and clothing ect, it’s also true that every other human does, and even though it wont be the exact same as yours, you will always share some likes and dislikes with thousands, even millions of other people.

In this sense, you are not an individual in the taste of music, because you share the vast majority of your taste, if not all of your taste, with another few hundred thousand people. You share similar tastes in clothing, once again, with hundreds and thousands of people.

That is why subcultures were created, to be able to group these people together in a recognisable term.

I mean, these people probably found half their music by going into shops and finding the genre of music they liked, or searching it up on the internet. So by doing that they’re associating genres and categories with yourself, even though you’re an individual. I mean, I wouldn’t mind as much, but if you walked up to them and asked them for their 5 favourite bands, they’d probably list of some clichéd list of bands you typically expect them to like, because you met 1000 other fuckwit individuals who also like those 5 bands.

I mean, fair enough if they’re top 5 bands are Municipal Waste, Spandau Ballet , U2, The Jonas Brothers and The Dresden Dolls. But the chances of meeting anyone like that is so astronomically small that it actually took me 10 minutes to even think up a made up list of bands so different from each other.

I mean, it’s so fucking stupid. Taking a specific example. On Ross Noble’s Stand Up Dvd ‘Fizzy Logic’ in one of the extra shows he talks to a girl in the audience who is wearing a sex pistols t-shirt and has some piercings, and asks if she’s a punk or a goth. She replies that she is an individual… I mean… You dress as like everyone else and listen to the same music… YOUR NOT A FUCKING INDIVIDUAL.

And as I said, yes, as a human being you are completely individual… BUT YOU DON’T NEED TO LABEL YOURSELF AS SUCH.

You know what that is equivalent to… It’s like me saying ‘No no no no no. I’m not English, I’m an Earthling. No! In fact! I’m a Universian (that is, someone who is from the universe, not someone at university.)

So please… If you’re sitting there, reading this article… and you call yourself an Individual for whatever reason… Just… Go Away.

Whether you enjoyed this article or you hated it. Whether you agree or disagree. Post in the comments with your opinion… It’ll probably be the most individual thing that’s happened on this site yet.

Misc: ’42’ Competition and Website Redesign

So I do a radio show on Ramair called  ’42’ and announced that I’ve started a competition regarding this site. I’ll be redesigning the site in the new year and because of this I feel I should get a new logo ready. The Cybaria Film Strip has served me well over the past few months, but I feel there’s more yet to come.

Along with a redesign, I will also be implementing a new schedule. I will upload content every Wednesday and friday. Which means in a month, I will have at least 8 new pieces of content, and at max, 10. 2 of these will be Cybarianet exclusives. 4 will be ones I have submitted to the student paper. At least one will be a guest publication and another will be the ‘Showroom Shorts’ article. Any more that are needed may either be more exclusive content for Cybarianet, or more guest content.

The competition is open to all, and just not students from Bradford University. I shall pay for shipping costs and will deliver to any address anywhere in the world.


In the new year, my website, will be going through some redesigns. To accompany this, I am wanting to do a redesign of my logo (see link below).

The logo should be suitable to modify if need be (to fit to banner/logo sizes) and should use lighter rather than dark colouring. You may provide a range of logo’s to be used for various tasks (such as a general logo and a banner) in various colours if you desire.

The logo should read [CybariaNet] (instead of the current [Cybaria] which I use.)

Current Logo:Photobucket

You can enter as many different logo’s as you please, though I am choosing a person rather than a logo (Although the logo will help choose that person)
Simply put: All logo’s entered made by a single individual will be grouped together into one entry.

In exchange for the prize (See Below) you will give me copyright of the logo’s to use how I please. If I was to make any money from the logo’s you would not receive any. You will however be credited with creating and designing the logo.

The competition is currently open for 1 week until Saturday 18th at 13:00. If by that point, I do not have more than 5 entries, I will extend the competition to January 1st at 00:00, at which point I will use the winning logo on my site and announce the winner on my first show back from the new year on January Saturday 8th.

NOTE: Please send all entries to


The Prize will be the Limited Edition copy of the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film, which includes the 2 disk edition of the DVD, a tie in film edition novel, and 6 exclusive Art Cards.

Images of Prize:





The competition is open to all, and just not student from Bradford University. I shall pay for shipping costs and will deliver to any address anywhere in the world.

Thank you, and I wish you all luck on the competition.


Misc: Makoto Shinkai Month [Cancelled]

Misc: This Is It…

Oh god… We’re all doomed…

Why did this have to happen now…

We’re so young… SO YOUNG!

Review to come later in December…

If I survive…