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Television Vs. The Internet

Written By: Liam Walters

Over the past decade, the internet has grown faster than anyone would imagine. One of the many things that the internet is used for nowadays is to watch Television shows, with the ability to watch Live Tv with BBC, or watch a selection of shows that have recently aired, such as with 4oD, the internet has become an extra asset for television broadcasters to reach a wider audience.

So is the computer slowly going to take over the television. Well, the simple answer is no… Or maybe yes, one day in the far far future. For the moment, there are far too many people who watch shows on their Tv, rather than on their computer. Though there is definitely some connectivity between television and the internet… But which one will end up on top in the end? Television, a view into many different informative, dramatic, heart-warming and funny worlds, or the internet, and which is able to provide the services that the television does, and much, much, more. (more…)


Review: An Abridged Review of Clannad Another Abridged Series

[ Review By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: 07/09/2010]

What can I say about Clannad. It’s an amazing anime, and one of my all time favourites. Today, however, we will be looking at Clannad Another Abridged Series, or CAAS for short. The reason behind the name is because when the series was made, there was actually an existing Clannad Abridged Series out. I would like to have done a comparison between the two, but Clanand Abridged only actually has 3 episodes out, whilst CAAS has 12.

So looking at the first three episodes of CAAS, and comparing them to Clannad Abridged, you can plainly see that Clannad Abridged is much better. Clanand Abridged has a much wider range of voice actors, has better editing and just runs much smoother. Whilst in CAAS, all the voices are done by the same 1 guy, and there are long pauses where you don’t really hear anything but the music, showing that some sound effects were missing. The editing is a but more choppy during the first few episodes as well.

Looking at the series as a whole though, CAAS is much better. If you watch all of the episodes, you can see how the creator has gone through and picked up new tips and ideas along the way. As you progress through the 12 episodes, you can see that the editing is greatly improved , and he actually gets another voice actor in to play the voice of most of the girls.

There is also the fact that he does do regular updates. Most of the time they are released about a week per episode, and sometimes these episodes will be 10 minutes long, if not longer. You can tell that he put a lot of work into the writing, making sure to do a lot of references, especially for those who have watched the entire original Clannad series, or even other peoples abridged series.

There is something in the writing that just makes you smile. Just things that you randomly think whilst watching the series, such as the closeness of the names Tomoya and Tomoyo. Personally, I was disappointed he didn’t make a reference of Ryu from Shaman king, but he hadn’t seen Shaman King, so there’s nothing that could be done.

I wonder if the extreme quiff is a tend among anime bikers…


Anyway, back to the series. Honestly, this is one of the better abridged series’ I’ve seen. A lot of the times. I mean, most people when abridging a series, just steal jokes off YuGiOh Abridged, but CAAS actually comes up with some pretty funny and witty dialogue. He even creates plot points around real life things, such as his other voice actor going on holiday, so blatantly showing that the characters voice has changed.

In essence, CAAS is a great series. He has just finished series 1, and series 2 picks up in December. In the mean time, he’s starting Ichiban Abridged. Now I’ve never seen Ichiban, but I think that I shall still tune in to have a watch, because if the writing is as good as it is for CAAS, then I’m sure that I’ll be happy enough just watching it anyway.

Watch Clannad Another Abridged Series:

Article: Stickaid 2010

[ Article By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: 05/09/2010].[An

[An Off the Top Article]

So you may be wondering why I’m doing this off the top of my head, instead of a proper article. Well, mainly because I missed most of stickaid, and so can’t really comment on everything. From what I did see however, it was a very good night, and maybe next year I’ll stay awake for the entire 24 hours.

Now, some of you may be wondering what Stickaid actually is. Well, allow me to explain. Every year, Myles Dyer, who is know also known as blade376, decided that he would stay up for 24 hours straight to raise money for Unicef. This was back in 2006, and with each year that has come and gone, the event has gotten bigger and bigger.

This year, Myles was joined by youtube star and Charlie Mcdonnell, who you may know as charlieissocoollike. They were joined by many many more guests, including the rest of Charlie’s band, The Sons of Admiral, among other youtube personalities.

The live show was broadcast via Stickam, from the Stickaid HQ located in central London. As I said, I didn’t watch all of the show. It started at 12 noon on Saturday 4th September, and ran up to 12 noon on Sunday 5th September.

From what I did see, the show was very good, and included live performances from all the different youtube personalities, among requests and challenges along the way, which Charlie and Myles had to do if they reached a certain target at a certain time.

Some of these included getting make up put on, having Myles’ hair bleached, or swapping clothes with each other. Guests were also joining in with the fun, such as when Alex Day (Nerimon) said that if they reached £20’000, he would bleach his hair as well.

The target that was set for the night was £10’000, which seemed ambitious, as the first year Myles only made £500, and last year he made around £4000. But they were in for a surprise, as just before they reached the 12 hour mark, they passed their target of £10’000, in donations alone.

They also had an Ebay page with auctions, with stuff donated from Charlie, Myles and some of the guests, all of which sold really well, helping to earn even more money for Unicef.

Some of the live performances that I saw were very good, and I’m sure the large cast of youtube personalities was part of what brought in such a big crowd, and what brought in so many donations. I myself couldnt donate, as I do not have munch money to do so, and I do not have a paypal account yet.

I really wish I could have watched more so I could comment on it, but unfortunately, I didn’t end up seeing that much. I may have watched about 6 hours in total, maybe even less than that, but I will defiantly try to watch all of it next year, and maybe even donate if I have the money spare.

Talking of which, you can still donate now. I know a lot of people reading may have seen stickaid themselves, or maybe your reading this to learn about stickaid. Which ever it is, it’s still all for charity, and for a good cause.

Donations are being kept open until Monday 13th September 2010.

Oh, and incase you were wondering. When the 24 hours came to a close, they had raised over £19’000. That wasnt including the money from the Ebay Auctions, among the other sources of donations they were getting, so I say a very well done to Myles, Charlie, all the guests, the whole Stickaid Team, and to everyone who watched, voted or just spread the world.


Additional Note:

You can find highlights of the night on Youtube. Just make sure you include Stickaid 2010 ^^

Article: World Vision Vloggers

[ Article By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: 31/08/2010]

So this Article, as you have probably guessed from the title, is about the ‘World Vision Vloggers‘. Some of you may not be aware of what this actually is, so allow me to shed some light.

World Vision is a charity who’s aim it is to help 3rd World countries grow and develop through the means of helping the society. They do this in many ways, which I wont go into right not, but if you are interested, then this site should answer any questions you have:

So your probably thinking, alright, so where does the ‘Vloggers‘ come into it. If you know what a vlogger is, your probably just thinking that it will just be a bunch of mission workers talking to the camera… And you would be wrong.

Now most charity’s try to use the emotional appeal, showing certain images which appeal to the empathic side of people, making them want to help the cause. Personally, I don’t like this method, because I don’t think it really works to well, but I wont go into with this.

What World Vision decided to do was choose 3 popular Youtube vloggers, one from Britain, one from Canada and one from Australia, and send them off to Zambia, letting the vloggers to vlog about their own personal experience.

I believe this is a fantastic idea. The main problem I have with charity appeals is that you always feel so distant from what you see. They go too far and it almost seems unreal, and you lose that emotional connection. And then they release more and more adverts until you just become desensitized to the imagery.

The way this works though, is that they’re just getting three ordinary people. Not celebrities. Not household names. Just three people who have quite a large internet fan base, and sending them to share their own personal experience. Seeing how it really is through the eyes of someone you relate to allows it to seem much more real, and you start to see that connection again.

Instead of focusing of what they don’t have, they instead focus on how much the society has developed, and what they do have, due to the donations and the charity help. That’s what we need to see. We need to see that our money is actually going into something, and building a better life for people, instead of constantly being made to feel bad because we have it better than some people.

The Vloggers

Tom McLean – [ ]

Shawna Howson – [ ]

Alex Day – [ ]

Alex Day is the only one of the three vloggers that I knew prior to the Zambia trip. I have been following him for about 8 or so months before, just enjoying his normal videos, and its through those videos I found out about his trip to Zambia through World Vision.

Now I’ll only be commenting on Alex Day’s videos because he was the only one who I knew about prior to the trip, so its easier for me to have the connection with him rather than seeing two people who I don’t really know talk about their own experience. I have though checked out their videos, and recommend you do the same.

Throughout Alex’s videos, we seem him come to realise that the culture and society isn’t actually that different to the one he knows at home. Throughout his trip he sees stuff that reminds him of home, such as internet cafés, a Subway restaurant, blockbusters, and even a Superspar. He goes to visit schools, and is astonished to see how close the schools there are to the schools here in England.

He does though realise that these people are still at a big disadvantage in life, and even started to sponsor a child after seeing how much of a difference it actually makes.

His final video for the trip has been uploaded now, so you are able to watch the entire experience all at once now.

Just use the link above to to get onto his Youtube page, and go from ‘How To Pack Light’, to ‘Reason For Leaving Zambia’.

This is it for this special. I think I’ve talked as much as I can for now, but once again, I urge you to check out all their videos, and the World Vision Vloggers Website:

Thank you for reading. Any comments will be appriciated.

Article: How I lost My Faith in Humanity and Realised There Was No Point To Life (Aka: The Justin Bieber Rant)

[ A Rant By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: July 16th 2010]

Dear God!


I mean… I go upstairs and check my twitter… And I find this!


In all honesty, I could not believe it.

Now I’ve never been the one to really jump on the hatred of Justin Bieber band wagon… But I mean… What the fuck!
[ For those wondering, this is the article: ]

Dont get me wrong, Its not that im annoyed he topped Lady Gaga. I’ve never really been a Gaga fan. My sister is so I’ve had the songs and video drilled into my skull, and I can appreciate the uniqueness and creativity that goes into her videos… Even if some of them do look like porn videos on acid trips.
But everything about Justin Bieber is so wrong. Sure, he has talent. He can sing. I’m not arguing against that. But there is so much better bands and singers out there. Nothing is different about Bieber, he’s just one of many marketing idea’s that Disney came up with to try to get money off pre-teen girls.

I mean, its all the same pop crap, whether is Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers or Beiber. There’s no originality to it at all, and there’s nothing behind the music apart from some corporate business men who know how to do their jobs.
Gaga… I mean, I can actually stand to listen to Gaga. She actually has a lot of talent, and not just freaky talent. If you go back and search for videos before Gaga got famous, you can actually see that she has an amazing normal singing voice as well. But the great thing about Gaga is that she’s unique. Sure there was Gwen Stefani, who also did the weird styles as well. But apart from them two, I cant really think of anyone in pop who follows the same trend as them.
I’m actually going to take a moment to watch the two videos, which is Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’, and Biebers ‘Baby ft. Ludacris’ (Yeah, Ludacris, that sounds like the right word to sum up this situation)

Alright, So whilst I’m waiting for my Beiber video to load. I have just finished watching Bad Romance, and this time actually paid attention to it. And really, it is really good. It had the uniqueness about it, that you don’t see in many videos. Sure half of it is singing to the camera, but its about the style and setting, the costumes and the overall theme, and it is a really well put together video, as to why it was probably the most watched video on Youtube for a while.
Wow… That was… Everything I expected… Utter garbage.

So basically, Bieber goes to a bowling ally. Follows a girl around even though she clearly shows no interest in him, which I’m pretty sure counts as sexual harassment… And then they start having a dance off.
Honestly, there’s hardly nothing to this video. About ¾ of it is dancing, and I know, I let dancing off in the Gaga video, but that’s because in Gaga’s video there was so much more than just the dancing. With this, you know what’s going to happen. You know he’s going to get the girl, of course he is. Its just utter shite!

This video is basically saying is that its even if a girl shows no interest in you, if you follow her around like an annoying little fly, have some mildly good dance moves and can get a cameo from a famous black rap artist, you can still get the girl.
Oh, and get this. I was typing into youtube search for Justin Bieber Ft Ludicras, and look what one of the search options was!


I didn’t even dare to see what results would come up if I did search it.

I mean, call me nostalgic, but I remember the days when actual Youtube content was at the top of the most viewed. Not mass produced music videos. I mean real, down to earth user generated content, such as the Evolution of Dance, or Charlie Bit My Finger.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on posting a rant to early on. I thought after I did a few reviews or maybe got some proper people visiting the site, then I would stretch out into rants… But this just really annoyed me.

Well anyway, post a comment telling me what you think.