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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Review

Written By: Liam Walters

Kingdom Hearts Coded was the 4th Kingdom Hearts game to be released from the franchise. It was announced along side Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the Playstation Portable during the 2007 Tokyo Game Show. Coded was to be released in ‘Episodes’ for Japanese Mobile Phones. These episodes were released one at a time, with the first being released June 3 2009, and the final, 8th episode, being released January 28th 2010.

As with Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Gameboy Advance, which got its own remake for the Playstation 2, it was announced that Coded would get its own remake for the DS. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded was released in the UK on January 14th 2011.

Like Re: Chain of Memories, Re: Coded was updated with many new features and extra’s, including difficulty setting you could change at will, new multiplayer modes and a whole new secret movie. Being the second Kingdom Hearts game to be released on the DS, they were able to improve on both the good and bad elements from 358/2 Days.