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Scott Pilgram vs. The Movie

Written By: Liam Walters

So I fell in love with Scott Pilgram vs. The World movie whilst watching it with a friend. It instantly took third place in my top favourite films, quite ironically, sitting next to another Micheal Cera film in which he plays a bassist (10 points if you can name the film).

But having watched the film, and eventually buying it on DVD, sparked my interest in the original graphic novel series in which it was based upon.  Films that are based upon another source, be it books, comics or whatever, aren’t normally that good. The directing tends to be a bit off and it just doesn’t captivate you like the original source material did. Fortunatly, the movie for Scott Pilgram was Edgar Wright, an amazing directed whose other work include Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the soon to be released, Paul (the three of which have come to be known as The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy). (more…)


The Muppet Christmas Carol

So after writing the ‘Films To Watch At Christmas’ article, I was set a challenge to do over the christmas period. To watch and review ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’, and to post the review in the student paper (though I’ve decided to post it to my site as well). Well, by the end of this review, I can truthfully say… Challenge Complete.

So I’m not going to lie. I wasnt really expecting much from this film. I know a lot of people rave about it,and I’ve heard people describe it as a fantastic adaptation… But personally, I was just expecting it to just not be so good. Well… I was wrong. I wouldn’t call it a fantastic adaptation, but it is very good.

Review: Fred the Movie

Even calling this thing a movie is giving it more credit than it deserves…

Okay, so I’ll level with you… I knew this movie was going to be horrible. As soon as I heard about it, I first tried to figure out how on earth any respectable film company would allow such a thing to even be conceptualised… Then I remembered that most film companies gave up respect a long time ago in exchange for profit. My next thought went along the lines of “This is going to bring about the end of the world”, and so went on a journey to try to find myself and what would lie beyond this current existence… Unfortunately, being a poor student, I didn’t have the funds to travel around Europe, India or China… So my journey consisted of walking around the campus twice and a quick visit to the local shop.

So after I found myself (turns out I was inside myself all along… How ironic), my third thought was “Well then… That sure is going to be a complete crapfest of a film”… And quite depressingly, the thought afterwards was “I’m going to go see this film”

I would like to point out, I only watched the film so I could review it… So lets hope  this review is worth the £4.80 it cost for the ticket… It probably wont be, but I have to be optimistic (as hard as that is after having seen the onslaught of the apocalypse which is Fred: The Movie.

The problem with reviewing this film, is that it’s not a film so bad that its laughable… It’s just bad, and has no real reason for even existing. It’s not entertaining in any way, shape, or form. It is in no way creative, in this universe or the next. Really, the only thing this film seems to be made for is profit, and it didn’t really do that good a job at that.

On it’s premiere, the film only drew in an audience of 7.6 million, which is really quite small in terms to film premieres.

So what about the characters? Well, there’s Fred, who I’m going to stay away from for two reasons.

A: I don’t want this review to have more profanities than any other words.

2: Well… Its Fred, from Youtube… The annoying little twonk, who only makes you smile when he’s in pain.
I don’t really even want to get into the other characters. Pixie Lott as Judy was a somewhat weird cast, but fair enough as it as a supposedly profit making film. Jake Weary as Kevin was substandard at best, along with Siobhan Fallon Hogan who plays Fred’s unsympathetic mother.

In all honesty, theres maybe… 3 characters in the whole film that are somewhat likeable. Bertha , played by Jennette McCurdy, who plays the sympathetic friend. Derf, a weird rocker guy who can appear somewhere unnoticed. Unfortunately, this character is ruined due to the fact he is also played by Lucas Cruikshank (who also plays the role of Fred). The last one, and agreeably the best character in the film… Although with this film, it is both a miracle that a character can be liked, yet not hard at all to be the most liked when you have the co-actors that you do… But the best character by far is Fred’s Imaginary Dad, played John Cena. I must admit though, the only reason why I like this character is because he, on multiple occasions, causes his son to be in pain.

The story of the film is boring at best. Judy moves away and Fred goes to track her down. For most its a simple bus ride, but as this is Fred, we go on a hilarious journey.*/Sarcasm*

Fred finds out Judy is happy and in fact has thrown a party, to which he was not invited to. He throws his own party and uninvites everyone, aside from Bertha, and they make a film pretending it to be the best part eva!!! (note the sarcasm again).

importantly, as this is Fred: The Movie (God rest our souls), the movie works and everyone is jealous,m and wants to be Fred’s friend.

I’ve never wanted to walk out of a film before this movie… But… If this film has done anything positive… It’s this…

I saw and reviewed Fred: The Movie… And survived…

This makes me indestructible… I have stared death in the face, and he blinked. I have seen the most godawful, abominable, atrocious, careless, cheap, cheesy, crappy, cruddy, crummy, defective, deficient, dissatisfactory,  dreadful, erroneous, fallacious, faulty, garbage,  grungy, icky, imperfect, inadequate, incorrect, inferior, junky, lousy, stinking, substandard, synthetic, unacceptable, and unsatisfactory film to be ever made…

Written By: Liam Walters

Article: Films To Watch At Christmas

Written by: Liam Walters

So Christmas is upon us folks, and what better way to celebrate than gathering around with the family and watching some Christmas films to get you into the spirit of it all. But, with so many Christmas films already out there, how are you suppose to tell the great ones from the, lets say, not so great ones.

Well, hopefully this short list of my own personal favourite Christmas films will help you out.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

So who else remembers this little song turned children’s Tv film. Made in 2000, and repeated nearly every year on Cartoon Network, it was something I enjoyed as a child (because what young kid would not enjoy an animated film based on a song where Santa Claus runs over an elderly woman.

Although not the best Christmas film there is, this, like many others on the list, is for the nostalgia more than the entertainment.

The Grinch

So we all know the story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, whether it was from a storybook, the 1960’s animated short (directed by non-other than Chuck Jones) or, for the example I’m using on this list, the 2000 live action film starring Jim Carey.

This also seems to be a lot of people’s favourite, and quite frankly, I have to put it down to Carey’s excellent performance as the crude, rude, Christmas hating green Grinch. The way he portrays the character’s dark yet somewhat manic personality makes this a film to behold by all.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

So this won’t be the first time I refer to an adaptation of the beloved Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. This one, however, will be the only one which has a mainly all dogs cast. I use to love the ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ films growing up, and was even happier when I heard of the Christmas special film.

Another great nostalgia film, from a great nostalgic series.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

So I’m pretty sure there not much I really need to say about this film. If you have not watched Tim Burton’s frighteningly songful festive film yet, then I urge you to put down the paper right this second and go out to buy it.

Although it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is still a great film, one which ‘Sandy Claws’ himself would be proud of.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

So the second of the Christmas Carol adaptations, and the most recent one at that. Released in 2009 by Disney, this spectacular three-dimensional film is something to behold just for the visuals, if not for the well adapted story of the Christmas story.

Love Actually

So one of the only live action films on the list, and more likely, one for the girls, this is still one of my favourite films to watch. A dramatic yet comedic storyline which keeps you interested throughout, and an excellent soundtrack to keep along with it. It is definitely one to check out as if gives you the heart-warming feeling that only comes with Christmas.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

So saving the best for last, here it is, and its another adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is an animated Disney holiday film made in 1983 (being the oldest film on this list) it is definitely something to behold. It has been many years since I last watched this masterpiece. I had it on VHS, but it has long since been lost, although I still remember it to this day, with scrooge’s fierce words to Mickey, or the horrifying images that came with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

This is an amazing film, one that too few people have seen. I know it will be on my Christmas list this year, just so I can bask in the glory of the nostalgia and Disney Christmas magic of the past.

And so that’s it. There’s many more great Christmas films out there, ones that I have seen and ones that I haven’t, but these are the ones that I feel deserve to be mentioned. Whether it’s because they strike an emotional chord with me, because I just find them fun and interesting to watch, or because of nothing more than simple nostalgic value.

This was my list of fantastic Christmas films, and I hope you enjoy, or have enjoyed, them as much as I have.

Happy Holidays Folks.

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 [BSC]

Stunning, beautifully amazing, yet dark and gritty. Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is all of these, and much more. Starting some time after the last film, Ron, Harry and Hermione have all returned home, although the film takes no time in bring back our power trio, before jumping straight into the action and adventure.

For those who haven’t read the book, this is, in the most un-spoilerish way possible, the story for the first part of the 7th movie. With Dumbledore dead and buried, the gang decide its best not to go back to Hogwarts. With the help of The Order of the Phoenix, they are able to reach a safe house, though with a few casualties along the way. The safe house does not stay safe for long, and the Death-Eaters reign down from above. Harry, Ron and Hermione make they’re escape, and from then on, keep on the run. Main points to come later in the film is Harry’s continued search for the 7 horcrux’s, and the revelation of the Deathly Hallows.

So, what of the film itself. Well, with the film being split into two parts, the films are able to more closely follow the book, having more time to fit all of what happens in. This, is itself a blessing and a curse. One of the main problems fans had with the films was that they left certain story plots or elements out, that were originally in the book. This was due to the time constrictions, and this only became worse after the first two films due to how long the books were getting. The problem with fitting everything from the book into the films, is that the books do tend to drag at certain points, and so the film does, and may have actually been improved if some segments were cut shorter.

There is also a small problem with the tone of the film. The series itself has gradually be getting darker and darker as it went along, and Deathly Hallows certainly provides a definitive dark tone. The problem isn’t with the dark tones, they suit the film and the situation. The problem is when they try to change the tone with a sudden joke. Some lighter parts of the film work well, such as the dance scene, but some of the jokes used in dark or tense moments ruins the atmosphere.

But what of my over all view of the film… Well… Simply amazing. The ending leaves you wanting more, raising anticipation for Part 2. It is well deserved in the Harry Potter film series, and a must see film for magic and fantasy lovers.

Rating: 8.5/10

I originally wrote this review the Bradford Student Cinema, go over there and check out up coming films to be shown and film reviews written by other members of the cinema.