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Fiction: Rain Prompt

So I was watching one of Grace Hatton’s Vlogs and at the end of the video she gave a prompt, which was:

A girl staring out of the window at the rain, and an individual walks in. We have to keep the audience guessing whats going on.

Now, this is actually a prompt to for play format, but it can still work in normal literature. Also, when it says ‘an individual’ it means 1 person, not what I was referring to in my last article)


I stood and stared out through the window, watching the rain falling down from the darkness up above. I could feel the cold win blow through the cracks in the windows and heard raindrops pelt the iron roof. Drops of water were starting to escape through, as I felt a droplet collide with my bare shoulder. I walked to the wall, unhooking my long woollen black coat and sliding it onto my body, before pulling it tight around myself.

I walked back to the window, though it was hardly visible through the drops and running water on the other side. It was total darkness outside. No sign of light, love or life as far as my weakened eyes would allow to see. Our cabin was dimly light by small candles placed around, gently burning away until we were left with nothing but a flicker, then darkness. I shuddered at the though, turning my eyes to the door as sounds of life came from the other side of the door.

The door suddenly flung opened, before I saw him, and instantly I regretted my decision. I had thought I would be happy… I had always seemed happy… I was always happy… But now…I am only ever ‘was’.

I saw his shining blue eyes look into my dull grey ones, as he release a breath of relief. He got to his feet, rushing to me and pulling be close… Hugging me tightly.

“I thought I had lost you” He whispered, as I felt his arms tighten around me.

I was silent… I didn’t want to say it… But I could not fight back… I had made the decision so long ago to say these words…  Back when in my heart I thought it was true… How wrong I was…

“I’ll never leave you” I whispered back, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him close, shielding my face from his view as tears fell from my eyes. “I’ll always be here… Forever” I whispered, cursing myself for every word… My time had come.

“I.. I’m sorry…” I whispered, pulling him close… Reality was warping around us, each candle slowly being burnt out.

“This world is a lie… So am I… And so are you… It is a world of a dream… A world of a memory… Of a girl who lies in wait, to be woken up once again” I continued. He was silent, as the world around us became darker and darker.

“I hung in the balance of life and death… I did not want to lose you… So I faded into my memories… To where I could laugh and smile like I use to… But… I couldn’t… Not anymore” I was talking to myself now… He had faded with the rest of the world, the world where I had over-stayed my welcome, and as the last candle finally burnt out… I opened my eyes to see his face, as the said the worlds which set everything in motion…

“Nice to meet you”

If you’re a writer, then why don’t you give this prompt a try, and comment on how your story had turned out.


Now, this is the part where I explain a little about the story. Since I did very little planning about it, it came mostly natural. The problem is that it follows a lot of the same themes that my other stories do, such as connection, loss, and spirituality. I wanted to try something different, as I have done a ghost story with ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ and I’m in the planning stage of a short film which deals with Purgatory.

So even after I came up with the idea of using memories, I was still stuck. Not only would it be difficult to explain how a living person managed to live in their memories, but it also did the whole ‘Unable to let go of someone whose died’ which appears in ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ again. So I decided to switch it around, giving the role of the main character to the one who had passed on themselves, like I did in ‘Footprints’.

Another problem came with the actual ‘Death’. I use death a lot with characters. From ‘What I Wouldnt Give’, to ‘Footprints’, ‘Memories From Another Time’, and ‘Night City’. It has good dramatic effect, although not wanting to over use it, I decided to use a Coma. A comma also works well as a death means the end, but being in a coma means memories can continue on after the accident (creating the world disappearing as there’s no more memories to keep it going).

This is by far from my best or even most emotional work, but it was still a nice little excersize to keep my creative writing going. I hope next to continue on with ‘Light in the Dark’ as it is a quite different piece, though still has my main theme of connection, which will become more obvious as the story continues.


Fiction: Light in the Dark [I]

Authors Note:

So this is the first piece of fiction I’ve written in about 6 months. It’s nice to see I still have it. This one is quite different in terms of format though. Although it keeps several things from my works such as First Person and the lack of names, it’s also written in present tense, and there’s a less focused plot. Though like some of my others, this is still about the connection people share.

Anyway, Enjoy


A winter’s night. A cold breeze rushes past us. She comes ever so closer to me, as I wrap my arms around her, pulling her tight to share my warmth. She smiles, turning to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you” She whispers in my ear, before grinning and taking a few steps back. A snow ball flies into my face, as she lets out a victorious giggle. I smirk, rolling up a ball of snow from the ground, ready for retaliation. She screams and runs away, but she is hit. The war of snow begins. Laughter fills the air, along with the snowy projectiles. The war subsides, both team damaged and cold. A peace is called and we get on our way again. She looks up at me, linking arms to keep us close as we walk on through the night.

“You’re beautiful” I whisper, once again wrapping my arms around her, creating an almost protective cocoon. A light is up ahead, as we go to investigate. Born into a world of darkness and silence, we shield our eyes from the bright shining light. A house, or cabin… Once inhabited, not long ago, but now empty like the moon.

The door is closed and we go to the fireplace. Olden in design, or at least we think. Not much of our history has been left known to us. Regardless, we start the fire and remove our coats. I look to her as my heart almost skips a beat. The fire that gently reflects in her eyes, illuminates her body in an orange glow. She always looks so beautiful. I kiss her, as my arms pull her close. She brings herself to me, allowing ourselves to become one with each other.

We awake some time later, laid next to the fire, almost all burnt out. From a box of wood we start the fire burning again before laying down once more, simply watching the other as our hearts beat in unison.

She stands, taking the blanket wrapped round her, though opening it and holding her arm out.

“Lets explore” She said softly as I nod, taking her hand in mine as I join her wrapped in the blanket, as we move around the abandoned house. Remnants of the previous owner are scattered throughout. Springs and gears of copper are on a table. Tools of some craftsmen lay beside them, ready to work a job that will now never be complete. We move along, noting each room in design and decor, before coming upon a bedroom.

A large bed centres the room, as large wooden wardrobes sit against the opposite wall. We open one, as we see an assortment of dressers draped from hangers. She smiles, unravelling herself from the blanket before removing some of the dresses, placing them against herself.

I turn to the other wardrobe, taking my luck with me as I pull open the wooden doors. I am welcomed to the sight of shirts and trouser of various colours. The couple who lived here would have been wealthy. The blanket drops to the floor, as I pull out a grey shirt, followed by black trousers and waistcoat. From the pocket of the waistcoat I pull a small ticket object. I press the brass button from the top as the objects front spring open, revealing a time-keeper. I close the front, returning it to the pocket as I look across. She now wear a dark corseted dress, the arms and skirt being long and flared. Surely only she can be the definition of beauty.

She smiles at me, walking and taking my hand. We return downstairs, and to darkness. Our sign for us that it is time to leave. We collect our coats, sliding them on before venturing back to the snow-covered ground of outside.

I feel her hand tighten around mine.

“When will we reach our place?” She asks.

“When the darkness ends” I whisper, pulling her close once more, walking to the darkness ahead, but leaving something darker behind.

Written By: Liam Walters

Fiction: What I Wouldn’t Give

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

I looked forward, on the horizon a distance away, to where the sun had taken my one beloved.  A soft breeze flew through my hair as I wrapped my arms around myself. I was filled with a great sadness, but I did not feel alone. I knew a part of Seth would always be with me; the Seth of my memories, now once again reawakened. I could still feel the warmth of his body on mine as I now knew… I would forever treasure these memories, deep inside my heart, until the day I would take my final breath.

I leant against the tree, listening as the breeze blew through the leaves and grass, hoping to one day join that breeze, and travel over that horizon where Seth now rested…But not today; and as the wind carried my final tear from my face, I turned to walk back home, and I knew…

One Sunset Earlier

The light shone down as though it cascaded through the dark clouds that ruled the skies,  illuminating the area around us. The gentle breeze blew through the grass and around us, swaying the skirt that I was wearing.
A deathly silence had fallen between us, as we waited for the other to come up with a solution… But that wasn’t going to happen. There was no solution, no way to fix this… As what was happening now was the solution, to a problem we did not know existed.
“Elizabeth… Its okay…” Seth whispered gently, but his eyes betrayed his words, as I saw the fear in them, of what was to come… The unknown.

All this started so long ago… A time I barely remembered, out of fear of bringing back the pain… But now my sight had been cleared, and I remembered that dreadful day from so long ago…
‘Meet me by the oak tree. We will watch the sunset together’ He said with his little grin, and off I went, with a blush on my cheeks and my heart thumping rapidly.

I reached the oak tree, and looked skyward. I saw the dark clouds, ruling the skies, a day that was so very much like today… A terrible day… and I waited… I waited but he never came… And so I left.
I neared a road as rain started to fall from the sky. A crowd of people caught my attention… I was drawn in. They were stood around, with sad expressions on their faces. I saw a body, laying limp on the floor… At first it didn’t register… My mind tried to block out the image of the face… But it was too late. I ran and dropped down beside him, tears springing from my eyes… That’s when I saw it. A little sparkle several feet away from his body… And engagement ring. I wrapped my arms around his limp body, holding him tightly, as I lost myself to the tears…

And then… I forgot.

I left college, but had no decided future. I was lost within myself, repeating the same mundane activities. Get up, work, watch TV, and go to sleep. I didn’t have friends… Not even family…
Sometimes I would break the mundanity, going to the train station and pretending to wait for someone, then going for a slow walk, near the old oak tree which seemed to always surround me in a chilling dread, and this carried on for a few years…Until that day…
I was surprised to see another person there. This had always been my spot, a secluded little area. But that look on his face, a peaceful, calm look on his face, which rested my soul and soothed the dread that the tree radiated.

“Oh, hello there.” The boy said with a weird grin, turning to look at the twilight sun.
And that’s how it started… The boy at the oak tree, and never anywhere else. The boy who always showed up when I wanted him to… The boy that seemed to keep me calm, and put a smile on my face when no one else could… How? How could he be real, I wondered. I know now that some answers are better left not known.

“H..How long do you have?” I asked in a whisper, my body trembling slightly.
“I have until the sun sets” Seth answered, turning to look at the sun, which had already begun its decent.
Tears formed at my eyes; I was loosing him again… And this time it was so much more painful, having to watch him all the way.
“The sun shall set… And darkness shall sweep the plains… And I shall fade away… Returning to the light from whence we came.” Seth softly spoke, as he began to break my heart.
I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around him, crying into his chest
“Don’t go! You can’t leave me! Not again!” I screamed at him, tightening my grip around his clothes, as I felt his arms wrap around my body to embrace me.
I felt drips on my cheek, as I realised… He was crying.
“You think I want to go… You think I wouldn’t try anything just to be able to stay here!” He said, his voice cracking with every other word.

“What I wouldn’t give to hold your hand. To run with you in the shining sun, or to sit with you whilst watching the summers rain. What I wouldn’t give to smell your hair, to hear your name, or to see you lying with me, beautifully bathed in the mornings glow. What I wouldn’t give to share every
moment of my life with you!… What I wouldn’t give.. Just to hold you… Right here right now… In my arms.. And be able tell you that it’ll be alright…” Seth said frantically as his grip tightened, with more tears streaming down his face.
“What I wouldn’t give.. To never have to say goodbye” Seth whispered, through his clenched teeth,
as the wind picked up all around us.

“I’m sorry… I’m so, so sorry. If I never… If I just…” I said as I began to break down. It was all my fault… I wasn’t strong enough to let him go. So I locked away the memories, kept them in the back of my mind, creating the chains that held him to this earth.
“Don’t be… Don’t ever be sorry for that… I love that I got to spend this time with you. I got given extra time, and I cherished every single moment of it. But I just don’t want it to end! It just can’t end like this! Not here! Not now!” Seth shouted, hiding his face behind mine, as we once again fell into silence.

We just stood there, held by the other embrace, held by the feeling of never wanting to let go, in fear we may never embrace again.
As the last bit of light began to disappear, I also felt him begin to leave. I could almost feel myself falling through him.
“N..No… I don’t want to go…” Seth said, now obviously scared.
I placed my hands softly on his back as he looked at me. I kissed him softly on the lips, before whispering in his ear.
“Dance with me… One last time”
Seth nodded, and placed his hands on my back, as we gently got into a rhythm of soft dancing.

Before the accident, we danced a lot. We loved to be held in each others arms, slowly moving to the sound of music. It wasn’t so much the dancing, but the feeling it created between us. A strong, loving feeling of being with each other, never wanting the music to stop, never wanting to separate.

This was now our final dance. There were no music, just the two of us and the setting sun, which had almost disappeared beyond the horizon. We were not thinking, just caught up in the emotion of each other, our hearts beating beautifully in unison.

“I will always remember you… I will always love you” I whispered gently, putting up a brave front… but it was too late. He was gone, and I was on the floor, as I began to cry away the rest of my tears away, as I could hear his final whisper on the wind.

“Goodbye; Elizabeth Hill, my love”

I looked forward, on the horizon a distance away, to where the sun had taken my one beloved.  A soft breeze flew through my hair as I wrapped my arms around myself. I was filled with a great sadness, but I did not feel alone. I knew a part of Seth would always be with me; the Seth of my memories, now once again reawakened. I could still feel the warmth of his body on mine as I now knew… I would forever treasure these memories, deep inside my heart, until the day I would take my final breath.

I leant against the tree, listening as the breeze blew through the leaves and grass, hoping to one day join that breeze, and travel over that horizon where Seth now rested…But not today; and as the wind carried my final tear from my face, I turned to walk back home, and I knew…

I could finally live again.

Fiction: Memories From Another Time

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

I walked down the white walled corridor, as I looked up ahead. I knew what must be done, but I didn’t know how to do it. My hand was shaking, and my eyes were full of tears. My heart was aching and I had a lump in my throat. I was silent, hardly making a sound, as I pushed the double doors open, stopping immediately.

There she was, lying underneath the blankets, her face filled with scars and gashes, her breathing hard and jagged. She slowly looked up at me, not saying anything, but having that look in her eyes…That determined look…

I felt as though I could not take another step. I wanted to turn back and run…But I had to do this…It was what she wanted. She was in too much pain…It was too late…There was not anything else to do…This was the final option.

After composing myself, I walked softly towards her, a weak soft smile on my face, to try to show her I was okay…I wasn’t okay, not at all, not one bit. But I had to be…I sat down on the chair beside her bed, taking her hand and squeezing it tightly, as tears ran down my face.

She could not speak. Not any more. But she weakly took her other hand, wiping away my tears, before placing it on top of mine which held onto her other hand.

I nodded, as I went into my pocket, pulling out a needle. I went to her drip, attaching the needle in and releasing its contents, before attaching it back.

I had done it…Now it was the worse time to come…Now we had to wait.

I dropped back down, unable to control myself anymore, as I broke down, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into a tight hug as I cried on her shoulder.

She hugged me back, as tight as she could. She whispered, as best as she could…

“Thank you” She said, before lying back down, her breathing becoming slow.

I continued to cry, unable to stop. This was the worst thing that ever happened. Not too long ago, we were just normal teenagers. Hanging around, having fun, but now it had all changed.

Just that one little incident left her in this condition. It left her so bad that she did not want to continue. She was in constant pain and would forever be weak. She did not want to live a life as such a big burden, that she asked me to do the unthinkable…At first I refused.  I couldn’t not even think of doing such a thing…But she pleaded…She pleaded with all her heart. I saw the pain she was in…So I agreed.

I would never be able to let go of the guilt, but for her the pain, and the guilt, was worth it.

I looked down at her, my hands still shaking, as she was close. Her eyes were drooping and she would soon go to sleep…Never to wake up again. I reclasped her hand; I was going to be with her all the way. I would never leave her in these final moments.

Memories were flooding me from a different time. A happier time. And although these memories all hurt at the moment, I knew, inside, that these memories would be the ones I latched onto later. The good memories from where everything was alright. I would remember the fun we had, and although we would never have any more, it would comfort me in knowing that we still had those times together.

I felt her hand go limp, as she slipped into the sleep. I placed my head against her chest, tears still falling from my eyes. I felt her heartbeat, slow and weak. I did not move. Some time passed…I did not know how long it was. It could have been minutes or hours. I was sat there, just waiting. Soon enough it came…Her heart stopped. I heard the cold long beep from the machinery, as I was taken from the world as well.

Darkness surrounded me, as she faded into said darkness. My heart ached so much. She was gone, and it was by my own hands that she did so. I wanted to do nothing more than take my own life. I was so tempted, but was restrained the promise which I made…Which was to live a life. Live a life which she would never be able to. I would live, for both me and for her, since she was now no longer able to.

I soon fell back into the world, away from the darkness, although I would never be truly away from it. The darkness was now the world in which I lived.

I looked down at her cold, lifeless body.

“Goodbye…” I said, my final tears falling from my eyes.

I must have been all cried out, as I stood up, leaving the room as the doctors passed me, rushing it to check what had happened. They would trace the death back to me, but by then I would be long gone. From this town, from this place filled with such painful memories, but also the place holding such strong, happy memories.

But I knew, the memories would always stay with me. I walked outside, the cold autumn air hitting me, as I looked up at the sun, what was slowly starting to rise.

I took one final look at the hospital, before leaving.

There was nothing left for me here. I once had so much…But now everything was gone, leaving a hallow shell…But…Hopefully…I would find somewhere new…Somewhere where I could escape the darkness. I would go to a new world, where the sun was always shining, where the happy memories of another time could shine so brightly. I walked into the twilight sunset, accepting the darkness which would come forth, in hope for a bright, more peaceful sunrise.

Fiction: Night City

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

I walked through the dark night sky, unsure of where I was going, but knowing I had to get away.

That place…It clouded my thoughts with worries and fears. Too much was going on in my head, and I just wanted escape. And so I took my coat and headed out. The time was unknown, but I ventured on, with no destination in mind.

I started to think deeply over the stuff I had in my mind, hopefully to clear it all out, although knowing that if…when my time came to return, new problems would replace the old ones. Still…one by one I would solve these problems, these problems between me and my friends, so we can one day escape this perpetual darkness, and escape into the light.

I pulled my coat tighter on me, the night breeze chilling me to my bones. Normally, I would not be on the streets at a time like these. I was not the type to go on random adventures in the night, but just the thought of staying there made me bitter and placed me in a dark place.

I looked up to the clear night sky, being able to see each and every star. The lights around me swirled, which beautifully made this small town shine. That is why I decided to move here, because where ever you are, or what ever the time, you could always find beauty in this town…And that’s what people like us needed. We…The children of the night, needed something to hold on to, and maybe this town was our thing…The town that brought us together for the first time…The town that brought us all back again…

The streets were empty and silent, as dried brown leafs flew in the wind around my feet. Autumn had plainly set in, and winter was close on its way. Soon the snow would fall, and this town would be coated in a thin white layer. This town was at its best during winter. The true beauty of the town came together, but not in the physical form…No…In the form of the town’s people. The friendly folk who gather together, celebrating just being with each other…

My mind quickly turned back to the darkness though, as I began to see things in an unfair light. Why should we have to live in darkness? We get problems upon problems, things just never stop. Do we really deserve this…Is this some kind of punishment…Why is it that the rest of the town can have their happiness, but we can only have it as a taste, before it’s taken away all too soon.

My phone began to ring, and I dug it out my pocket. Looking at the name flashing on the screen, I look away, not really wanting to talk…The phone soon rings again…She wasn’t giving in easily…But I just did not have the energy to deal with it, so I left it to ring to itself. After three more attempt, it seems she gave up, as my phone went into a blissful silence.

I came upon the lake, sitting down in front of it on the damp grass, watching the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. My phone went again. It was starting to bug me, so without even glancing at the name, I simply tossed it to the water, distorting the reflection with the ripples of the water….I would probably regret that in the morning, but at that time, I felt defeated, unable to continue on.

I sat in silence, watching the ripples eventually fade as the water became still. Thoughts were beginning to cloud my mind again, as everything was flooding back at once. I was a fool to think I could escape…Not even for a few hours….Because eventually I would have to go back…To the place of nightmares…

Or…Did I? I began to think seriously for a while, going through the scenarios. I imagined what would happen if I just left…Now and today. Never to return to that place again…I had nothing there of importance…I could escape and start again…Make things right from the beginning…And not allow myself to fall into the pit of disappear my life here had become.

I more or less decided on it at that moment, this was my plan…I would run away…See if I could escape the darkness…I was doing the right thing…Leaving people might help…It might encourage them to escape…I did not really know…But I knew what was right for me…And that was leaving.

I stood up; I would leave the beauty of this city, but determined in my heart that I would find more beauty. This world is large, and I would be sure to find another place…A better place, where I could be in the light…Or so I thought…

The darkness had come, and it was my calling hour. I would escape the darkness of this city…But not the way I intended…I fell to the floor, my body motionless, laid beside the lake…I was dead.

Fiction: Train Ride at Twilight

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

I sat, looking out the window as the golden light of the sunset reflected off my eyes. I had my arms wrapped tightly around her, holding her closely, not wanting to let her go. The day had been long and she was tired. Her eyes were drooped as she rested her head against my shoulder, slowly falling to sleep and I held her body tightly.

These were the moments in which I loved. The moments where you just feel so close to someone, and where you have no other thoughts apart from your other. The times in which you feel as though you are completely whole.

I smiled softly as I looked out of the window again, watching everything wiz by me. I saw many mountains and much greenery. We really did live in a truly beautiful place.

At this time, this exact time, I would be happy if time would stop forever. This blissful feeling would not last long, not before the monotony of normal life would set it again. But for now…I just smiled softly, my fingers entwined into hers as we held each others hand.

I became silent, listening to her each and every soft breath. It was almost rhythmic, and was just one of many things which I loved about her. The orange light was quickly cut out as we speeded through a tunnel, the yellow lights of the train now lighting the rest of her body up. She shifted closer to me, mumbling something as my heart skipped a beat.

I was still stunned by her beauty…To most people, she was just average…But to me, she seemed like the most beautiful person in the world. She still made my hands tremble in those rare occasions I see her more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

We returned back out of the tunnel, as we were once again hit by orange light. I now recognised our surroundings, which meant we were that much closer to home…I felt a little sad. Today had been one of the very best days. But it was now over…Something about that made me feel sad…But I was kept in hope. In hope that someday, in the near future, nearly everyday would be like today.

We only had a short time left at college to go, and then we would be free. I always found great inspirations with my surroundings, and so I had planned to travel the world after college. My first plan was to go it alone, but then, she came into my life, and my plans suddenly changed…For the better.

She also shared the same dream. To travel the world, seeing all the beauty and splendour the world has to offer. In the big large places, and in the little, almost unknown places. We shared the same belief that you can find beauty almost anywhere, you just have to seek it. And that is what we planned to do. To go out into this world, this world which was so engulfed in oil and money, and find the true beauty of it. The beauty in which the rest of the world ignored, but what we found so precious.

3 months…That how long we had to wait now…3 months and then we would be able to leave this city, in which we were born, and raised in. The city which had been so kind to us, we would leave for better places, but we would always have a place in our hearts for this city, because even here, in places you see everyday, there is always new beauty to be found. You could see the same thing, everyday for years, but each day see a new kind of beauty within it…

That was just the kind of people we were. We were able to see beauty in the most simplistic of things, and we were so appreciative of every little thing we had…Maybe that is why fate had brought us together. So we could share both the little and the big things, in a way no one else would be able to.

The train started to slow down, as I checked my watch. 20 minutes until we had to leave the train. That is when today would truly end. At the time we stepped off this train we would return back to our daily lives, but now with something in our future to look forward to, it would give us new strength to overcome everything and anything…

I thought over the events of today, which filled me with a warm feeling. These memories, these precious memories I would keep with me. We returned today, to the place of where we first met. The small beach by the sea, in which you could climb the sea wall, and watch as the sun would set over the sea, creating the most beautiful that has yet to be beaten.

We met there 2 years ago, this very day. She was a photographer, as I was a poet. We were both looking for a new place to just think. To be alone with our own thoughts, to watch sometime beautiful to gain inspiration. And that is what happened, but so much more, as we found each other. From any day, at any time, we both happened to end up in the same place…We began to talk…I do not remember what about, but since that time we found each other again and again, and with each encounter we became closer and closer.

Our relationship just grew from that point, and developed into this. This happy place in which I was now. These small moments we had together were the most special to me, as I could wish for nothing better.

We once again started to slow down, as I gently woke my sleeping beauty. She smiled softly at me, giving me a soft kiss on the lips as I smiled back. As the train came to a full stop, we left out seats, and exited the train, hand in hand.

“So today is over then…It’s a shame really” She said, with a soft sigh as her eyes drooped.

“Maybe so…But we have so much more ahead of us…We just have this one final hurdle to pass and then we can leave for our utopia.” I said with a smile, squeezing her hand as she giggled.

“Yeah…We have had the best of times already, but the future is still ahead of us. We may not know what will happen, but as long as we face everything together, hand in hand, we shall surely overcome everything” She said, with a more determined attitude.

Yes…She was right…We would face a lot of problems in the future…Everyone would…But as long as you have someone to hold on to…you will learn that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.

Fiction: The Darkness

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

[ Authors Note ]

I wrote this about Autumn 2008. As far as I can remenber, it was one of my very first pieces of short fiction. It’s also notable for the first use of not naming my characters, a trait that would carry over into many of my other short stories.


The darkness of the night overwhelmed, the light of the moon being blocked by dark clouds that ruled the sky. She sat there, down on her knees as the rain fell from the sky. The rain did not bother her. It did not bother me either. I could only stand there, watching her in the dimly lit park. I felt useless. I wanted to help her, but I could not comprehend how to. I knelt down beside her, doing the only thing I knew I could. I wrapped my arms around her, embracing her in a hug. I would be there for her. I would give her a shoulder to cry on.

We walked to my house in silence. I opened the door and switched on the light, which brightened the room. The only noises that could be heard were our steady breathing, drops of rain falling from out bodies, and the gently hum the light bulb was making. The rain had been heavy which had wet us thoroughly; her long brown hair was knotted and tangled. I walked into the bathroom, taking a few towels then going back to the living room, dropping one in front of her. She hardly noticed it, her eyes drooped, almost lifeless. I once again entered the bathroom, where I dried myself and got changed into some dry clothes.

I opened the door slightly, and saw her. She was still looking down at the floor, shaking slightly. I knew she was in great pain, not physically, but emotionally. I took a few steps forward, wanting to try to help her in any way I could, though the phone started ringing. I picked up the phone and walked into another room closing the door quietly behind me. I saw the number that was phoning me, and it was the only person who in this situation I would talk to.

“She hasn’t said a single word. Not one” I said. My voice cracked as I answered a question.

“What am I supposed to do..I want to help her…I want to see her smile again…It’s been two months and nothing has changed..I hate how she feels right now” I said, my voices breaking at parts, my throat sore and tears running down my face.

I had become quiet, just listening to the voice on the other end of the line. I wanted to be strong, but I knew I was not. I had never been emotionally strong; I always needed looking after. I could see her through the window of the door; as well as the darkness that consumed her. It hurt me, though I knew she was hurting more. I knew there wasn’t anything I could say, anything that I could do. There was no magic cure; only time could heal this wound.

The conversation ended and I hung up the phone. I took a minute to compose myself. I would not tell her I felt. She needn’t worry over me. She had done nothing wrong; it was not her fault that I hurt, and I would not let her blame herself. I would face my darkness on my own, though I would be there for her. I would help her face her darkness, stand there with her, so hopefully one day she could smile again. On that day, when she steps out of her darkness, I too will hopefully be able to. Then we will be able to feel the warmth of the sun once more, see the light shining down on us. And then get on with the rest of our lives.