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Summer Update: Things To Come in July

Written By: Liam Walters

So as we are now in the superb month of July, I think it’s time for the first of my Summer Updates. There will be quite a few things coming at you in July, as this is basically a month to celebrate a 1 year anniversary of my 1st article, not my 1st review, but my 1st review which kick-started Cybaria, as well as the celebration for the creation of the site (despite it existing in several forms previously, but I will explain more of that when the times comes).

So you won’t miss anything, I’ll list the important dates:
11th July 1 Year Since First Review
14th July ‘Torwchwood: Miracle Day’ starts on ‘BBC 1’ and ‘Starz’ (review will be posted 15th)
16th July 1 Year Since First Article
31st July 1 Year Since Site Creation

There will be more articles and reviews throughout the month, but these will be more of the important ones. For the 11th and 16th, my articles and reviews will be connected to the ones which I wrote originally. I will be doing weekly reviews of Torchwood: Miracle Day as it broadcasts, and will most likely be posted on the next day at 12:000 noon.

I should hopefully get my next article/review out sometime before Friday.

For now, I leave you with the UK trailer for Torchwood: Miracle Day.



Happy 100th Post

So this is it… The 100th post on It feels so weird that 100 things have been posted in less than 1 year. Probably averages out to around one post every 3 days. So what have I actually talked about. Well:

1 – has been an Anime Daze Article

1 – has been a Screen Daze Podcast

7 – have been works of Fiction

8 – have not been written by myself

9 – have been Screen Daze Articles

16 – have been miscellaneous posts

24 – have been Blogs (Which does include this one)

34 – have been articles and reviews

And all that makes the 100 posts

The top 10 posts(according to views) to date (18/05/2011 – 03:40am) are:

10: Screen Daze – The Power Of Television with 39 views

8: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Review with 42 views

8: Article: Showroom Shorts #1 with 42 views

7: Reuniting The Rubins [17th Bradford International Film Festival] with 48 views

6: Screen Daze: Angel Beats! Review with 49 views

4: Goodbye, My Sarah Jane with 54 views

4: Article: Showroom Shorts #2 with 54 views

3: Anime Daze: Angel Beats! – Stairway to Heaven & Another Epilogue with 179 views

2: Review: Angel Beats! with 185 views

1: YOBI-FILM FINALS [Please Read and Vote] with 225 views

I can see how the Yobi Film post is at the top, with the traffic I was getting on the day (The views dont count if viewed on the homepage), and it does seem like Angel Beats is a favourite topic. It is nice to see a quite recent one (Goodbye, My Sarah Jane) being joint 4th.

The first piece of content I uploaded was ‘Article: How I lost My Faith in Humanity and Realised There Was No Point To Life (Aka: The Justin Bieber Rant)’, which was actually the first article I wrote, although before that I wrote The Place Promised In Our Early Days Review (which was based upon another review of the same anime film I wrote before that, and one I will be returning to for the 1 year anniversary).

For the future then, you can expect to see more great articles and reviews. I plan to review the entire series 6 of Doctor Who as each episode comes out. For Torchwood: Miracle Day, I think I may try to write spoiler-free reviews during the American broadcast, and Spoiler Reviews during the Uk Broadcast. I’ll also try to review Sherlock this year.

You can expect to see a lot more random articles, maybe focusing less on Tv over the summer. Expect a few more Screen Daze Podcasts before I break for the summer, to return with even better ones in September. I’ll hopefully start writing fiction again, and be able to update you on that. And as always, there will be much, much more to look forward too. It’s been a fantastic 100 posts, and now lets look forward to the 1 year anniversary in July…

Until the next time folks… Toodles.

What To Expect Over The Summer

So with only one exam left to complete, my first year of University is coming to a close. Summer is approaching, which should mean more time to write articles and reviews.

That said, I will be getting a job over the summer, and I’m going to try to find an internship for either radio or newspaper. If that’s not possible then I’m going to look for either paid or unpaid film experience. All in all, a lot of projects that may not necessarily go on this site.

I am, though, going to attempt at least one article or review a week. I may also still do some podcasts over the summer (if I can buy a good enough microphone that is).

I am planning on doing something for the one year anniversary, although I need to decide when that actually is. I could do it by when I got this wordpress site, but technically, this is the 2nd or 3rd site I was writing reviews on before I stuck with one. (The others only lasted maybe a week or 2 max).

I could also do it by how long we have been, but then that wouldnt be until November.  What I’m thinking at the moment is if I can find out when I posted my first article or review (which I believe is my Bieber Youtube article), then I’ll count it as that.If I can’t, then I’ll go by when I got the wordpress site.

I haven’t got anything as such planned yet, but I’ll try to do something that is quite fun. Maybe if I do start podcasting, I’ll do something like a movie/tv commentary. Not sure but I’ll update when I get some idea.

For a more recent update, Screen Daze will be posted on Wednesday 12th May, and will cover the first two episodes of Doctor Who Series 6. I’ll try to get some other stuff out now I’ll be a bit more free.

Until the next time folks, Toodles.

Screen Daze Podcast & 48 Hour Thoughts

So from Saturday 9th April 12:00pm to Monday 11th 12pm was the Ramair Radio 48 Show. The title is pretty self explanatory, as we presented a radio show for a full 48 hours. The show was to help raise money for Ramaid, and building the new radio station.

I’ll keep this brief, all in all, the 48 hour show was a fantastic experience, and one I would love to do again. I got to present with many people who I hadnt been able to before, and it has definitely been an experience I wont forget easily.

So on to something that may interest you. I’ll soon be turning Screen Daze into a Podcast/Radio Show. The show will be live on Thursdays 4pm to 5pm of

I will be talking about television for the hour, though spacing it out with some great soundtrack music. Unfortunately, for the podcast version, I will have to edit out the songs due to copyright. I will upload the podcast to this website as an MP3 Download, and also upload it to Youtube.

The first show will be this Thursday 16:00pm (14/04/2011) and will be available on the site at 12:00pm Friday (15/04/2011)

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Update: 20/04/2011

I have decided to put off uploading the podcast until September, as I see no point in releasing 4 or 5 then stopping for 2 and a half months. Still, feel free to tune into the radio show on Thursdays 4pm-5pm on Ramair 1350AM

A Blog From Ramair

So I’m writing this blog from Ramair, which if you wasn’t aware, is the student radio station at Bradford University. We are currently doing a 48 hour show, which started 12pm Saturday 9th April, and will carry through to 12pm Monday 11th April.

There’s about 10 of us all together, though a couple wont be staying for the whole 48 hours. Still, I’m sure that this will prove to be a very interesting weekend.

So I got through to Round 2 of, and now I have no idea what will actually happen. Of course I hope to get through to the next round, but whether I think I will or not.. I honestly can’t say.

Yes indeed… This weekend will prove most interesting…

If you would like to listen to the 48 hour show, then go to

If you would like to contact the studio, then text the word ‘ramair’ then your message to 60300.
Alternatively, you could email in at

The 48 hour show is to raise money for ramaid. To donate, please go to

Thank you!

YOBI-FILM FINALS [Please Read and Vote]

[Round 2 Voting has started]

Important: If you have already voted once, then all you need to do is log in and go to my page to vote for me. There is no need to sign up again.

So… I’ve made it to round two… I’d like to thank everyone who has voted, but now I need to ask for you to vote again. Follow this link to go to my page, and vote:

If you have not yet voted, then please sign up to

If you could tell your friends about it, and ask them to vote and spread the word as well. Use facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs, or even carrier pigeons if you need. I will be eternally grateful to everyone who votes for me.

Click the link to view the Full HD Finalist video:

Only one more round after this… Round 2 lasts 1 week. The rounds of voting and prizes are broken down like this:

6th – 10th place

April 3 – April 10

  • Five with the lowest number of votes eliminated
  • Each will receive $500

3rd – 5th place

April 10 – April 20

  • 3rd place will receive $2,500
  • 4th place will receive $1,000
  • 5th place will receive $750

Second Prize

Second highest number of votes – Second Prize Winner will:

  • receive a contract for $4,000 to work with the Random Talent film crew for the entire Random Talent webseries shoot

Grand Prize

Highest number of votes – Grand Prize Winner will:

  • receive a contract for $8,000 to be featured in a major cast role in the Dream Maker webseries as a Film Making Talent signed by Audrina’s character to her Talent Firm
  • be featured in at least 6 Dream Maker webisodes
  • have their film making work featured in at least 3 Dream Maker webisodes
  • be given the opportunity to work with the crew on the live set of the entire Dream Maker webseries shoot

If I was to win first prize… Then that would just be amazing… But it’s already amazing I’ve even made it this far, so what ever position I get, I am thankful and grateful to everyone who helped with production, and everyone who helped with voting.

I would once again like to thank anyone who has already voted for me.

A Regeneration of Sorts.

So it is with great regret that I have to inform you that, Cybarianet, as it is now, will be going very soon.

To be honest… I’ve gotten bored with writing all these articles and reviews. I still enjoy writing now and then, but it feels like a job, having to update every Sunday and Wednesday, even if it’s not my writing that I’m posting up. (There has been a lot more guest posts lately, as you may have noticed).

I’ve had this thought a while. I dont receive any kind of payment for any of the reviews or articles I write, or from the site whatsoever. I started it all that time ago because I wanted to try out writing critically… And I enjoyed it, so I decided to make it proper… But it just feels too forced now… like I’m only doing it for the point of it being done. It’s not like that many people really visit the site as well. Im thankful to everyone who has visited the site… But all things must come to an end…

But lets not call this an end, lets call it a regeneration. will still be here. I’ll keep all the posts in a special archive. All that’s going to change, is to start. I wont update as often as I do now. I’ll still write reviews and articles, but only when I want. I’ll also be continuing with Screen Daze, as it was one of the first, and will be one of the last to go.

For the site itself, I’m going to redesign it again. It’s going to be a personal site instead.  So, I hope you stay with me here at Cybarianet…. Theres a lot of stuff coming up… The most exciting being the Yobi-TV Finals, set to start on March 27th, going through to April 20th. More info here:

You can still look forward to a few more planned articles and reviews, but I’ll soon be changing the site, so keep a look out for us, and we hope to see you sometime in the future.

Until the next time…