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What Part of the Brain Is Good Writing, and What Happened To It?

Written By: Liam Walters

I ask this question because since it started, I have to admit, I am very disappointed in Torchwood. Episode Three, entitled ‘Dead of Night’. I will admit straight away, this is an improvement over the last few episodes, as we finally but slowly start to get somewhere. However, we are three episodes in and overall, I’m still disappointed. Not that much has actually happened and a lot of stuff could have been cut out, and this could have made a more interesting five episode series, instead of the long, drawn out 10 episode series this seems to be turning in to.

Warning: From This Point Onwards, I Will Be Talking Spoilers.

We more or less jump straight into the story, with Rex visiting his old boss to try to get information on who is really in charge, and why they want Torchwood or anyone connected with them out of the picture. Not much is found out, only that they have been around for some time and that they communicate to him through a single mobile phone, which Rex promptly takes with him. I have the strangest feeling we won’t see this character again… At the same time, I can’t say that I’m overly upset by this revelation.

A leadership battle seems to be arising within the episode, with Jack, Rex and even Gwen seemingly trying to get over each other and command a team. Gwen just seems off in this episode. Well, I’ve been saying that since the start of the series, but in this episode she just seems aggressive towards Jack for a lot of the episode. The whole rivalry thing that is going on between Jack and Rex, is quite honestly, boring. They’re fighting like little children, running off after a little fight. Quite frankly, it’s this type of writing I find most boring. Plot points to create other plot points that don’t really further anything at all.

Unfortunately For Rex, Jack Left ‘Aqua – Dr. Jones’ On Repeat

There was some controversy about this episode, with an apparent gay sex scene first being deleted, and then being edited out for the UK broadcast. I was initially against it, and somewhat still am. I don’t believe that the scene should have been deleted just because it was a prime time slot. I mean, we saw Jack full on naked during Children of Earth, does it honestly matter that much now. However, at the same time, I don’t believe this scene should have existed in the first place. It does nothing for the plot and just kinda seems to happen… For it to happen. Jack is fine, and then he see’s a gay bar, and suddenly he is off like Electric Six.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s just not Jack’s sex scene that I think is stupid. Rex and Dr.Juarez’s sex scene is even more stupid than Jacks. I mean… Why! It just seems like they threw it in for no reason what so ever, or at least just so Dr.Juarez will later help Torchwood get into the PhiCorp building. I mean, he’s known her what, a few days, perhaps a week or two at the most, and in that time she has basically become his drug dealer.

So whilst Rex and Jack or off having sexual shenanigans, we are left with Esther and Gwen, as Esther reveals all about not believing she is able to handle everything that is happening. Once again, it just seems forced. A better, more emotional moment, comes when Jack phones Gwen later in the night and opens his heart, saying that the two of them make a very good team. It is also brought up that if the miracle happened sooner, there could have been a chance to save Ianto, who had died during the events of Children of Earth.

Jack Phones The Local Radio Station To Request A Certain ‘Lonely Island’ Song

Another great moment came when Jack was facing off against Danes. It once again brought up the events of Children of Earth, with Jack still obviously seeking forgiveness for having to sacrifice his grandson to save the world. Danes speaks of being able to tell that Jack knows the feeling of killing a child, which seems like a response, to Jack knowing that Danes did not truly feel sorry for killing the child. It, along the with scene I mentioned before, we’re probably the best of the episode.

Danes’ story continued on quite interestingly, as we saw that he has been invited on more television shows. I have to say though, the whole part where the police start to beat him up, I saw coming a mile off, from when he first ran to the police. It’s just a stereotypical thing to do, and doesn’t really make it shocking. Despite this, the scene was actually needed, to give Danes a reason to finally push ahead and accept the help from Kitzinger.

Overall, it is a mass improvement on the episode before, and a slight improvement on episode one, but I can’t help but think it’s still not too good. The problem is, that we have this amazing miracle, but we aren’t really getting to see much of it’s affect, especially with Dr.Juarez spending most of her time outside the hospital. The first rule of writing, especially with Film-making, is show, don’t tell. Up till now, we have been told of how it is affecting the people, instead of being in the hospitals seeing how it’s affecting people. It is somewhat justified with Jack being mortal, but that is basically summed up with Jack complaining about something every 10 minutes, or Rex randomly passing out in people’s houses.

Lets hope things get better.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is on Starz in the US and BBC1 in the UK. Weekly reviews of each episode will be posted every Friday at 12:00pm GMT


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