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Rebecca Black’s Moment

Written By: Liam Walters

So on Monday 18th July, 2011, Rebecca Black officially released her 2nd song and video. With Friday being known as one of the worst songs of all time, what atroscity could possibly follow in Fridays wake… Yes, you guessed it… Saturday! Or maybe not. No, in actual fact, it was ‘My Moment’, and my god, that moment lasted more than any moment should. Still, to give props to Black, the song isn’t actually that horrible, with a definite step forward from Friday in terms of general music taste. But with being an improvement, it also means the song may also be the start of the downfall of Rebecca Black.

The main problem is that Rebecca Black started out on the internet. Her song and video was released, on the internet. Her fame came, from the internet. And why is that… Because we on the internet love to rip into something that’s awful, and Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ was the worst thing we had seen for a long while. Yet, despite being so bad, it was almost quite perfectly hand crafted for the internet. It had terrible lyrics, terrible auto-tuning, and a terrible video… It doesn’t even seem worth debating whether Rebecca Black had natural singing talent behind the auto-tune, because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter.

This was a young girl, who went to a music agency and made a song and a video. I already stated in my Rebecca Black Screen Daze article, that the fault was that of ARK Music factory, and not of Rebecca Black herself, though it was Rebecca Black who bore the front, middle, and back of the Internet’s rage, some of which was much too over the top, with some absolutely appalling comments which were cruelly aimed at a 13 year old girl. That is the problem with the internet, it allows a forum where you can say what you like, without anyone even knowing who you are, and not being able to do much about it. It’s a place where you can basically tell a 13 year old girl that they should commit suicide because they made a terrible song. Quite frankly, it this part of the internet that disgusts me.

Despite all this, all of the hate, all of the disgusting comments, everything like that, only helped to build Rebecca Black up as a internet superstar. Because of the hate she received on the internet, it actually only helped her grow by allowing her a reason to go on day time chat shows. Here in lies the problem. ‘Friday’ was a song, perfectly build for the internet to tear apart. It was overly auto-tuned, and had shallow and pointless lyrics. It didn’t even seem like a proper piece of serious music, which is why it was so at home on the internet.

The problem being, now that Rebecca Black seems to be recording more serious songs, all that hate and controversy will soon go away.  People became interested because of how bad the song was, once the songs start becoming more mediocre, theres nothing left to support them. I’ve spoken about this for films and television shows before, that something terrible is always better than something mediocre, because something terrible gives you something to talk about, whilst something mediocre is basic and boring, always stuck in the ‘Alright’ category.

Right now, it’s too early to tell, but there are warning signs that Black may disappear into obscurity, with the fact that the like and dislike bar for ‘My Moment’ are almost at equals, whilst for ‘Friday’, the dislike bar was by far much longer than the like bar, possibly around 90%-10% in the favour of dislike. The like bar being bigger may seem better, but as I mentioned, if you lose the thing that made you popular in the first place, the only thing that Rebecca Black will have to stand on is her talent.

In all honesty, the whole thing is quite ironic. ‘My Moment’ is about Rebecca Black telling all her haters that she isn’t just going to lay down and give up, that she will continue making music and that she will have her moment to shine. The fact is, it is because of these haters that she became popular enough to make the song in the first place, yet it might be this song actually being alright, despite only being alright, that could be the start of her downfall.

Still, the song has only been out about a day, so a lot could still happen surrounding ‘My Moment’, as well as Rebecca Black herself if she continues to make music. And with Black only being 13, she still has a lot of time to practise her skills. Even if we do see her disappear into internet obscurity, there is always a chance that in five, ten, maybe more years time, she will return with a great voice and great songs, or maybe she will do like many others have before her, and just get lost in the sea of neutral music. Only time will tell.

You Can View Rebecca Black’s ‘My Moment’ Down Below


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