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How I Regained My Faith in Humanity and Was Able To Continue Living (Aka: Bieber and Gaga One Year On)

On the 16th of July, 2010, I wrote and posted an article... Posted a rant, I should say, on Justin Bieber, as he and Lady Gaga’s video’s were battling it out for Youtube supremacy. At that time, it looked like either video could topple the other and gain the more viewers. Eventually, that battle came to an unpleasant end, with Biebers ‘Baby’ gaining more views and staying on top of Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’. But from this past year, despite what you may think of Bieber or Gaga, we have had a lot from the two of them, both good and bad, so whether your thing is wearing dresses made of meat or getting shot on TV for the glee of the masses, despite how much you may dislike one or the other, both have inevitably given us some good with the bad.

So I’ll be quite honest. I don’t listen to either Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. For me, Lady Gaga is just kind of… There. I mean, if she’s on the radio, or on TV, I won’t turn her off myself… If somebody else turns her off, well, I’m wouldn’t be upset it stopped. For Justin Bieber, I have less tolerance. I’ll take active steps to turn off and not listen to Bieber, as his music mainly sounds whiny and annoying, as well as I stated last year, that he just seems to be there as a money making machine.

Lady Gaga is at least a philanthropist, doing a lot of work for charities and humanitarian rights, as well as being a big iconic imagine in the LGBT society. Many have said that it is an act, and that she is using them to gain more popularity and therefore, more money. Even if this was true, which I actually doubt… It is still a means to an end; no matter the reasoning behind it, she is still out there doing good work and fighting for equality, something that Justin Bieber does not. Justin Bieber just makes 3d films of himself and his concerts.

I never did review ‘Never Say Never’, and for those who don’t follow my twitter feed (@Cybaria), this is the story. After having gone seen the FRED Movie in December, I wrote a review for this site, in which I stated that because I had watched such a god awful film, and survive, I was now “indestructible”. I claimed that ” I had “stared death in the face, and he blinked”. Sometime after that, I received the most dreadful news of all… That there was a Justin Bieber film being released… And that is would be in 3D… Naturally, I blamed myself. I had claimed myself to be indestructible, and so in response, god sent down something that I would never be able to beat… Never be able to watch.

To give myself credit, I went for the challenge. I did plan on going to see ‘Never Say Never’ and I did plan on reviewing it. I went up with a friend to the cinema, we arrived… And the only thing that stopped me there and then was the fact that the line for the movie was too long. I refused to wait ages in line to spend money on a film I did not want to see. I did make plans with my friend to go back a week or two later, when things would have quieted down, but we just never made it back to see that insult to filmography.

Still… Despite never seeing it, I still have my opinion on it… That it was a unnecessary tactic just to get more money out of the plentiful Bieber fans. I know I said the same for FRED, well, without the Bieber fans part, but its more true for this. Giving credit where credit is due, at least FRED’s movie had an actual plot, if you can call it that. Justin Bieber is basically like a documentary, or just a filmed concert like you would get on MTV or other music tv channels. I have never come across a more utterly pointless film that Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, and the quicker we can eradicate this, the better.

Despite not releasing a utterly despondent inducing film, Lady Gaga has seen much of her own controversy over the past year, mainly connected with her song and subsequent video, ‘Judas’. I’ve had mixed reactions with Lady Gaga, as although her music is actually good, I just find some of her subjects a bit too… Obvious. ‘Born This Way’, to me, just seems like Lady Gaga pandering to the gay audience, whilst Judas seems simply designated to receive as much criticism and controversy as she possibly can. I would understand if she was a new artist trying to get noticed, but she’s already well known enough to not need the publicity.

Maybe it’s like she, or the record company/whatever, feels the need to always have Gaga above the radar, making sure she doesn’t slip away and be forgotten about, only to come back and have people just go ‘Oh yeah, she was the meat dress woman’. By constantly having controversy surround her, she is always in the public attention and therefore has a bigger impact, and making it harder for her to slip into the background with all the other current popstars like Katy B and Adele.

Even recently she has had some controversy surrounding her, with her Youtube page being shit down due to a copyright dispute of one of her performances on Japanese TV. Alright, I’ll admit for this one, that it would be pretty hard for her to set up this herself, so it is probably something that just happened because it did. However, during one of her private shows in Australia, she used a wheelchair on stage, which angered disability campaigners in America who accused her of insensitivity and only using the wheelchair for shock value. Now, I wont say whether it was right or wrong for her to use the wheelchair or not, or the reasoning behind using the wheelchair, but she must have known that it would at least upset someone.

In the end, a quite interesting year for the two of them. Despite my not being too pleased with either of them, though once again I would like to say that I am glad of Lady Gaga’s work with the charities and humanitarian groups, they have big enough of a following that they can survive the criticisms, and even create some towards themselves. But despite everything I have said about Justin Bieber… I am so very glad that him, and ‘Baby’, are actually around… Because of awful and dreadful ‘Baby’ actually is… It has given birth to something simply amazing… Something that restored my faith in humanity… Something that gave me a reason to live…

I leave you with this, and I do, truly hope, that you enjoy.


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