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Friday, Friday, Taking Videos Down On Friday

Written By: Liam Walters

So I lasted talked about Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ in a previous Screen Daze article. At that point, I thought that I would probably leave it at that and be done with it, but I find myself returning to the subject as things have started to heat up, with Rebecca Black having the video removed through a copyright claim, after ARK Music Factory tried charging $2.99 for people to watch the video on youtube.

$2.99 to destroy your soul… Bargain!.

So if you look to the right hand side where they list the information (under the massive dislike bar), you’ll see Price: $2.99. Now, according to tweets by Rebecca Black, she was unaware that Ark Music Factory (which, for lord knows why, has their youtube name as Trizzy66). Rebecca Black also started that her manager and lawyers were looking into the problem. (I have only found the majority of this information out, as I do not follow the day to day life of Rebecca Black). Some time later, people who went to go look at Rebecca Black’s video on the ARK Music Factory’s youtube page, would have been met with this…

And So: The Internet Rejoiced!

Now this seems like a victory for both sides. No longer will ARK Music Factory be exploiting a young, 13 year old girl by selling her talents, and now, we no longer have to listen to one of the worst songs of this very young decade… Or so we thought..

The problem with the internet, is that anything which becomes the slightest bit mainstream, becomes near impossible to kill. Cats have taken up a constant residence on the internet, for a long, long time now. Even a Super Injunction can’t stand up to the full force of twitter users sending out tweets about a certain footballers affair. If something gets released to the internet, especially if that thing becomes popular and well known on the internet, well… I think it’s best to quote The Social Network: “The Internet isn’t written in Pencil… It’s written in ink”.

Even now, although though the popular video has gone, a copy of the video still exists. A so called ‘Director’s Cut’, although from what I have seen, there seems to be no difference… Then again, from what I saw of the video, there seems to be no director. Now if I was the director, I would have cut, well, everything… But I’ seem to be going off on a tangent. If you would like to see the directors cut of the video for yourself, then you can find it on this obviously fake VEVO account which is obviously fake:

Another problem with the internet, is that not only do things last forever, but things may also mutate into other things. Sometimes, these can be good things. There were a lot of great videos that mocked the original ‘Friday’, the most famous most likely being McGoiter’s Brock Dub (my hand is a dolphin!)… But, unfortunately, with the good, comes the down right shockingly bad… I have witnessed something much, much worse than ‘Friday’. You’ll know what I mean when you have heard it for yourself. You could at least take Rebecca Black’s Friday as something somewhat affable… But this, this is just pure ear bleeding terror…

Warning: This Video May Be Harmful To Your Physical and Mental Health

My God… We’re All Doomed!

Now… If you’ll excuse me… I’m going to go find something very sharp to lodge into my brain so I can forget the existence of this wretched noise…

Wish me luck.


One response

  1. Philip Lickley

    Great article. But in the absense of Friday you need to be satisfied with an alternative day…

    June 20, 2011 at 08:49

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