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Happy 100th Post

So this is it… The 100th post on It feels so weird that 100 things have been posted in less than 1 year. Probably averages out to around one post every 3 days. So what have I actually talked about. Well:

1 – has been an Anime Daze Article

1 – has been a Screen Daze Podcast

7 – have been works of Fiction

8 – have not been written by myself

9 – have been Screen Daze Articles

16 – have been miscellaneous posts

24 – have been Blogs (Which does include this one)

34 – have been articles and reviews

And all that makes the 100 posts

The top 10 posts(according to views) to date (18/05/2011 – 03:40am) are:

10: Screen Daze – The Power Of Television with 39 views

8: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Review with 42 views

8: Article: Showroom Shorts #1 with 42 views

7: Reuniting The Rubins [17th Bradford International Film Festival] with 48 views

6: Screen Daze: Angel Beats! Review with 49 views

4: Goodbye, My Sarah Jane with 54 views

4: Article: Showroom Shorts #2 with 54 views

3: Anime Daze: Angel Beats! – Stairway to Heaven & Another Epilogue with 179 views

2: Review: Angel Beats! with 185 views

1: YOBI-FILM FINALS [Please Read and Vote] with 225 views

I can see how the Yobi Film post is at the top, with the traffic I was getting on the day (The views dont count if viewed on the homepage), and it does seem like Angel Beats is a favourite topic. It is nice to see a quite recent one (Goodbye, My Sarah Jane) being joint 4th.

The first piece of content I uploaded was ‘Article: How I lost My Faith in Humanity and Realised There Was No Point To Life (Aka: The Justin Bieber Rant)’, which was actually the first article I wrote, although before that I wrote The Place Promised In Our Early Days Review (which was based upon another review of the same anime film I wrote before that, and one I will be returning to for the 1 year anniversary).

For the future then, you can expect to see more great articles and reviews. I plan to review the entire series 6 of Doctor Who as each episode comes out. For Torchwood: Miracle Day, I think I may try to write spoiler-free reviews during the American broadcast, and Spoiler Reviews during the Uk Broadcast. I’ll also try to review Sherlock this year.

You can expect to see a lot more random articles, maybe focusing less on Tv over the summer. Expect a few more Screen Daze Podcasts before I break for the summer, to return with even better ones in September. I’ll hopefully start writing fiction again, and be able to update you on that. And as always, there will be much, much more to look forward too. It’s been a fantastic 100 posts, and now lets look forward to the 1 year anniversary in July…

Until the next time folks… Toodles.


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