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Screen Daze: Silence is Golden… Or Grey

Written By: Liam Walters

Not only is Silence grey, they also for what ever reason seem to wear suits. So Doctor Who has returned to our screens again, and with it comes a jam packed two episodes that will contain more plot twists than reference in a euphemism.

Matt Smith, playing the manic 11th Doctor, along with newly married Ponds, Amy and Rory all return for the full series, albeit with a few changes. This year, the series is split in two. We have our first half airing now, which will be episodes 1 through 7, and then taking a short break over the summer, returning to screens in autumn for episodes 8 through 13.

The series started off with The Impossible Astronaut, jumping straight into adventures with the doctor, and cutting to the Ponds reading about the adventures in a myth book. The Ponds receive a mysterious summons, an invitation with only a time, date and map co-ordinations. There’s no signature, but the envelope is Tardis blue.

River Song also receives an invitation, as she packs her stuff for the trip, still being in Storm Cage. After all meeting the Doctor in America, events that will have a huge effect on the series are put into place. I’m trying to keep this review spoiler free for people who have not yet seen the episodes.

What I can say is, that the first episode is one of the best opening episodes I have seen yet. It’s definitely one of the more darker episodes, and as we still have our same Doctor and companions as the last series, there’s no need for the whole explanation behind the doctor and who he is.

The episode is helped by being a two-parter. This is the first series to start with a two part story since the classic series, but is something that I can see returning as it helps set the first story off fantastically, also allowing more structure of the series arcs.

Moving on to the second episode ‘Day of the Moon’, I found this episode to not be as good as the first. It is a good story, but it suffers from a few issues. To start, some information was never really given to us, and they also seemed unsure what to do with President Nixon, and so left him to make a couple of cameo appearances, one of which is stupidly implausible.

The episode leaves us with quite a few cliffhangers, one with River, one with Amy, and one with the little girl who can do an extraordinary things. All in all, the series opener was a vast improvement from previous series, and having more like this would definitely help the show in future series’.


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