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What To Expect Over The Summer

So with only one exam left to complete, my first year of University is coming to a close. Summer is approaching, which should mean more time to write articles and reviews.

That said, I will be getting a job over the summer, and I’m going to try to find an internship for either radio or newspaper. If that’s not possible then I’m going to look for either paid or unpaid film experience. All in all, a lot of projects that may not necessarily go on this site.

I am, though, going to attempt at least one article or review a week. I may also still do some podcasts over the summer (if I can buy a good enough microphone that is).

I am planning on doing something for the one year anniversary, although I need to decide when that actually is. I could do it by when I got this wordpress site, but technically, this is the 2nd or 3rd site I was writing reviews on before I stuck with one. (The others only lasted maybe a week or 2 max).

I could also do it by how long we have been, but then that wouldnt be until November.  What I’m thinking at the moment is if I can find out when I posted my first article or review (which I believe is my Bieber Youtube article), then I’ll count it as that.If I can’t, then I’ll go by when I got the wordpress site.

I haven’t got anything as such planned yet, but I’ll try to do something that is quite fun. Maybe if I do start podcasting, I’ll do something like a movie/tv commentary. Not sure but I’ll update when I get some idea.

For a more recent update, Screen Daze will be posted on Wednesday 12th May, and will cover the first two episodes of Doctor Who Series 6. I’ll try to get some other stuff out now I’ll be a bit more free.

Until the next time folks, Toodles.


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