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Screen Daze Podcast & 48 Hour Thoughts

So from Saturday 9th April 12:00pm to Monday 11th 12pm was the Ramair Radio 48 Show. The title is pretty self explanatory, as we presented a radio show for a full 48 hours. The show was to help raise money for Ramaid, and building the new radio station.

I’ll keep this brief, all in all, the 48 hour show was a fantastic experience, and one I would love to do again. I got to present with many people who I hadnt been able to before, and it has definitely been an experience I wont forget easily.

So on to something that may interest you. I’ll soon be turning Screen Daze into a Podcast/Radio Show. The show will be live on Thursdays 4pm to 5pm of

I will be talking about television for the hour, though spacing it out with some great soundtrack music. Unfortunately, for the podcast version, I will have to edit out the songs due to copyright. I will upload the podcast to this website as an MP3 Download, and also upload it to Youtube.

The first show will be this Thursday 16:00pm (14/04/2011) and will be available on the site at 12:00pm Friday (15/04/2011)

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Update: 20/04/2011

I have decided to put off uploading the podcast until September, as I see no point in releasing 4 or 5 then stopping for 2 and a half months. Still, feel free to tune into the radio show on Thursdays 4pm-5pm on Ramair 1350AM


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