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A Blog From Ramair

So I’m writing this blog from Ramair, which if you wasn’t aware, is the student radio station at Bradford University. We are currently doing a 48 hour show, which started 12pm Saturday 9th April, and will carry through to 12pm Monday 11th April.

There’s about 10 of us all together, though a couple wont be staying for the whole 48 hours. Still, I’m sure that this will prove to be a very interesting weekend.

So I got through to Round 2 of, and now I have no idea what will actually happen. Of course I hope to get through to the next round, but whether I think I will or not.. I honestly can’t say.

Yes indeed… This weekend will prove most interesting…

If you would like to listen to the 48 hour show, then go to

If you would like to contact the studio, then text the word ‘ramair’ then your message to 60300.
Alternatively, you could email in at

The 48 hour show is to raise money for ramaid. To donate, please go to

Thank you!


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