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YOBI-FILM FINALS [Please Read and Vote]

[Round 2 Voting has started]

Important: If you have already voted once, then all you need to do is log in and go to my page to vote for me. There is no need to sign up again.

So… I’ve made it to round two… I’d like to thank everyone who has voted, but now I need to ask for you to vote again. Follow this link to go to my page, and vote:

If you have not yet voted, then please sign up to

If you could tell your friends about it, and ask them to vote and spread the word as well. Use facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs, or even carrier pigeons if you need. I will be eternally grateful to everyone who votes for me.

Click the link to view the Full HD Finalist video:

Only one more round after this… Round 2 lasts 1 week. The rounds of voting and prizes are broken down like this:

6th – 10th place

April 3 – April 10

  • Five with the lowest number of votes eliminated
  • Each will receive $500

3rd – 5th place

April 10 – April 20

  • 3rd place will receive $2,500
  • 4th place will receive $1,000
  • 5th place will receive $750

Second Prize

Second highest number of votes – Second Prize Winner will:

  • receive a contract for $4,000 to work with the Random Talent film crew for the entire Random Talent webseries shoot

Grand Prize

Highest number of votes – Grand Prize Winner will:

  • receive a contract for $8,000 to be featured in a major cast role in the Dream Maker webseries as a Film Making Talent signed by Audrina’s character to her Talent Firm
  • be featured in at least 6 Dream Maker webisodes
  • have their film making work featured in at least 3 Dream Maker webisodes
  • be given the opportunity to work with the crew on the live set of the entire Dream Maker webseries shoot

If I was to win first prize… Then that would just be amazing… But it’s already amazing I’ve even made it this far, so what ever position I get, I am thankful and grateful to everyone who helped with production, and everyone who helped with voting.

I would once again like to thank anyone who has already voted for me.


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