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Reuniting The Rubins [17th Bradford International Film Festival]

Written By: Liam Walters

Re-Uniting the Rubins is a comedy drama written and directed by Yoav Factor, and stars Timothy Spall, James Callis, Blake Harris and other well known actors. It  was shown at the 17th Bradford International Film Festival, and a Q&A was hosted after the showing with Writer/Director Yoav Factor and Actors Timothy Spall and Blake Harris.

All in all, this in a fantasic family film, giving you both bouts of laughter and drama, but never clashing the two in a jarring way, such as what happens to many other films. The script is perfectly written, and the actors chosen were casted in equally perfect terms. Lenny Rubin, as played by Timothy Spall; who most would know as Wormtail from the Harry Potter film series, is the perfect lead in the happy little indie film, being the main backbone of what holds the whole story together.

Blake Harris also does a good job as the assistant to Lenny’s son; Danny Rubin (James Callis). The younger generation may recognise Blake from The Inbetweeners, where he once again plays quite a some-what dim witted character.

So what of the story? Well, it is ultimately about a man being forced to complete a task that he does not want, one that he has felt like he has already tried and failed. Lenny just wants to pack his bag and go on his cruise, but when he finds that his mother is ill in the hospital, he rushes to see her. She gives him the task of reuniting his children, who have now gone their separate ways, rarely talking with one another due to their vast differences.

You have Danny, a full force business tycoon, who takes his fathers somewhat lapse approach to Judaism. Andie, who is more of an opposite force of Danny, fighting for the rights on the African minority, and who is also an Atheist.  Yona, who is a rabbi, with a pregnant wife and 2 sons. Finally, you have the silent Clairty, who has taken the Buddhist belief.

We see this mismatch of characters a lot in film. Normally at least 2 opposing forces which are forced to meet for comical effect. In this film, the stakes are raised to 4, but we focus on the fathers struggles to try to keep the peace between the family for the sake of his ailing mother.

This is a fantastic independent film to come from Britain, and if more independent films were akin to this then we would have a far better reputation. I would suggest for everyone to go out and see this film as soon as possible, as it is a fantastic and heart-warming film, which will still tug on the emotional chord.



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