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Dr Death and The Medi-Evil Medicine Show

Written By: Liam Walters

Dr Death and The Medi-Evil Medicine Show is a 60 minute, one man (well, one man, one puppet, and a handful of projected important historical medical figures) show, which played down at the Theatre In The Mill from Thursday 24 0 Saturday 26 February.  Tickets were £6.50 or £5, though students could “Pay what you can”, which was the show’s first benefit. Allowing students to pay what they could, set the impression so that the show wasn’t all about making money, but more along the lines of putting on a good show, and giving the students an opportunity to take in the good show on a price they can afford (quite literally).

So how was the actual performance? Well, fantastic. I went down with one of my friends, and to be honest, he wasn’t really up on going. I eventually persuaded him, and at the end he was laughing along and admitted he had actually enjoyed it a lot more than he had thought he would have. I myself enjoyed it greatly, from the talking rat, all the way to the maggots (which surprisingly taste a lot like mini-marshmallows) being thrown into the crowd. I have, and would still recommend this show to anyone. Although it is no longer at the Theatre In The Mill, if you ever see it advertised playing elsewhere, I strongly suggest you go, as it will be a jolly good, and informative hour.

The show is leaded by Dr Death (Simon Watt), as he takes us through the history of medicine, though focusing on more of the darker, not so accurate parts within the history, such as when they though bleeding a person could cure them of almost anything, or how the plague was spread,  to an array of different deadly diseases, and even deadlier cures.

Overall, this is a truly great show, which is not only funny and entertaining, but informative  and interesting too, for any-one of any-age.


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