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A Regeneration of Sorts.

So it is with great regret that I have to inform you that, Cybarianet, as it is now, will be going very soon.

To be honest… I’ve gotten bored with writing all these articles and reviews. I still enjoy writing now and then, but it feels like a job, having to update every Sunday and Wednesday, even if it’s not my writing that I’m posting up. (There has been a lot more guest posts lately, as you may have noticed).

I’ve had this thought a while. I dont receive any kind of payment for any of the reviews or articles I write, or from the site whatsoever. I started it all that time ago because I wanted to try out writing critically… And I enjoyed it, so I decided to make it proper… But it just feels too forced now… like I’m only doing it for the point of it being done. It’s not like that many people really visit the site as well. Im thankful to everyone who has visited the site… But all things must come to an end…

But lets not call this an end, lets call it a regeneration. will still be here. I’ll keep all the posts in a special archive. All that’s going to change, is to start. I wont update as often as I do now. I’ll still write reviews and articles, but only when I want. I’ll also be continuing with Screen Daze, as it was one of the first, and will be one of the last to go.

For the site itself, I’m going to redesign it again. It’s going to be a personal site instead.  So, I hope you stay with me here at Cybarianet…. Theres a lot of stuff coming up… The most exciting being the Yobi-TV Finals, set to start on March 27th, going through to April 20th. More info here:

You can still look forward to a few more planned articles and reviews, but I’ll soon be changing the site, so keep a look out for us, and we hope to see you sometime in the future.

Until the next time…


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