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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

Written By: Hannah Smith

I’m going to reiterate what I have probably said before–I’m not a hardcore gamer. In fact, I am an occasional gamer at best, so it’s rare I stick with a franchise or a game for too long. I don’t even own a console made post-2006. The point I am trying to make is that there are only three games that I have stuck with and bought the sequels to: The Sims, Sonic Adventure*, and Bloody Roar 3. This final game is what I am going to be pitching to you today; or rather, it’s Gamecube incarnation–Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. Bloody Roar is a fighting game, and I believe they are often compared to Tekken; however, I have never played Tekken, so I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist. That okay? Good. I’ll put my chainsaw down.

What makes Bloody Roar different from other fighting games is that the characters are able to change into animals at will. It takes place in an alternate word where people with this ability are feared and misunderstood (they’re basically the emos of their world). The games follow the characters in their quest for knowledge of their condition…that’s about it. The story is a bit thin, but this a fighting game where a girl turns into a bunny, so what did you expect?

1. The Female Characters Aren’t Completely Superficial.

See that? SEE IT? That is a female character from Bloody Roar. Her name is Shina, and she can transform into a leopard! What is unusual about this picture? Yeah, that’s right—She isn’t wearing a skirt! For me, she’s the most powerful character because she utilizes a decent amount of speed versus a LOT of power. She has some excellent combos, but I tend to button-mash and have awesome fun kicking the shit out of the other characters. Of course, they included a little eye-candy like Jenny the Bat, but the balance of eye-candy and actual good characters is really pleasing.

2. This Game is ADDICTIVE.

When you look at it, Bloody Roar doesn’t really stand out on the shelf. In fact, you’re likely to find it on the “2 for 50p” shelf in CeX, or the Bargin Bin at Gamestop for those IN AMERICA! But once you start playing it…DAMN. There is a reason I have stuck with this game since I was young and my cousin owned me at it, and that reason is NOT for the unlockable content (which I’ll get to later). You start playing and sort of… lose yourself. I like that, because it helps me to forget my mounting pile of homework. And we all know that only nerds do their homework. You don’t want to be nerd, do you?

3. Long List of Innuendo-rific Unlockable Content.

I have the attention span of some sort of gnat, yet this game has held me, because at the root of it I am competitive. And damn I want to unlock everything–especiallyUranus. Okay, so she has an unfortunate name, and despite my years of button-mashing, I’m not very good at this game. But that… that is a challenge to me. Uranus is the only character I haven’t unlocked, and she is reportedly the most powerful character in the game.

4. It’s Fun to Play With Friends.

My friends are mostly non gamers; in fact, very few of them are able to operate a computer with ease. But we always have a great time play this game because of the competitive nature of the gameplay and the reasonably easy controls. Not to mention, I have never known such humour as listening to my friend repeatedly press A while screaming “EAT MY PENGUIN, BITCHFACE!**” at my television screen.

5. The Art is Pretty.

I’m won’t pretend that this is the prettiest game I have ever played, but this is a Japanese game and the graphics and scenery are very much in the style of manga, and damn I love that. There’s just something about watching an elephant fly through a city into the air when I punch him. I actively enjoy falling through the floor to another part of the stage!

So what are you waiting? If you still have a Gamecube (or a Wii for that matter), go pick up a copy of Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. You don’t have much of an excuse anymore. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and damn it–I bloody told you to!

*That’s only financially true, as I have played emulated versions of most of the old Sonic games.
**There is a penguin character. His name is Cronos. He’s strangely powerful, and it’s fun to peck people’s crotches.


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