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Television Vs. The Internet

Written By: Liam Walters

Over the past decade, the internet has grown faster than anyone would imagine. One of the many things that the internet is used for nowadays is to watch Television shows, with the ability to watch Live Tv with BBC, or watch a selection of shows that have recently aired, such as with 4oD, the internet has become an extra asset for television broadcasters to reach a wider audience.

So is the computer slowly going to take over the television. Well, the simple answer is no… Or maybe yes, one day in the far far future. For the moment, there are far too many people who watch shows on their Tv, rather than on their computer. Though there is definitely some connectivity between television and the internet… But which one will end up on top in the end? Television, a view into many different informative, dramatic, heart-warming and funny worlds, or the internet, and which is able to provide the services that the television does, and much, much, more.

Although you are able to get a lot of things and more on the internet, that you could on tv, you are also able to connect your computer to most new televisions nowadays. The television set and the computer may not be competing with one another as much as becoming close to a single entity.

For the moment, though, which is the better medium. A lot of people would choose the internet, stating you can watch television on the internet, as well as do all of the internet exclusive stuff such as going on social networking websites, or sharing content with other people.

If you had made a 10 minute video, you couldn’t exactly send it off to a Channel and expect them to broadcast it. Well, actually, I lie. There are a few cable/satellite channels that specifically focus on showing user generated content, but even so, this is only capable  because of the internet.

Using the internet itself, one is able to upload and broadcast a video in a matter of minutes using websites such as Youtube, and even gain money from advertising before, during, and after their video such as with Websites like these are allowing people to do what 10 or 15 years ago, would have taken a lot of work and contacts to do… Become video producers and broadcast their work to the world.

But here’s the flaw of the internet, in relation to television. People use the excuse ‘You can watch television on the internet’. But that only applies, at least legally, to only a few channels and programs. If you wanted to watch a show on, lets say, Living TV, you couldn’t just go find it on some website, because one for such channel does not exist.

You are able to watch a number of different shows on the internet through illegal means, though as these are, illegal, they can not really be used as valid arguments as to why the internet is better than the television.

The television may not be able to do as the internet does. Sure, when its working with the internet, it can broadcast user generated content, but on its own, it lacks the social aspect of the internet. You aren’t able to chat to your friends over the television… Which is fine, because you are not suppose to.

Watching television is a passive activity. By many, it’s used for escapism, to allow them to relax and not think about the world. You also have a much wider variety to choose from on the television, with there being hundreds of different channels, which are aimed at an all manner of audiences.

There is also the fact, that if you do not have good internet speeds, you may have to wait for the program to load, or the program may keep stopping to allow itself time to load. This is definitely a huge advantage the television has, as it does not have these problems.

So what is the answer. Which is better, the television or the internet. Well, as a whole, the Internet. But that is only because they both are used for their intended purposes, and the internet has a wider range of intended purposes. But, for the point of broadcasting programs to an audience, then television wins hands down due to having a wider range of content to provide, as well as being able to show it more quickly and effectively.


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