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I failed at blogaweek, and apparently… I’m a film-maker *Shock/Horror*

Alright, I know I said I would blog every friday… But I didn’t…

Besides, it is actually ‘Post a week’, and that I do anyway. Well, I post at least twice a week, Sundays and Wedesdays at 12pm (Something that I’ve been able to keep up with, and hope to continue to keep up with).

This month has been slightly sorting things out, along with making tweaks here and there… I’ve done some work with the Menu, that I’m still not entirely happy with, but it works well enough for now. You may have noticed that the site now has a Games section, as I’ve figured that some game reviews would be quite good.

I may scrap this version of the site depending how things carry on, and look for a new design. Nearly everything about it I like, it’s just the menu really (not really pretty and placement is odd).

So what can you expect from Cybarianet in the future. Well I’ve finally worked out a somewhat schedule, although the release dates for each content piece may changes from month to month, it’ll still be midday Sunday and Wednesday. A month will at least have 4 Sundays and 4 Wednesdays, and have a max of 5 Sundays and 5 Wednesdays.

I used the minimum amount to sort the schedule out with. In a typical month, you will see: 1 Screen Daze article, 1 Anime Review/Article, 1 Guest Game Review, 1 ‘Misa’ Game Review, 1 Guest Film Review, 1 Showroom Shorts Article, 1 Cybarianet Exclusive Review and 1 Cybarianet Exclusive Article.

February won’t have a Showroom Shorts article due to there not being one in February, so I’ll most likely be replacing it with a Guest Game Review. So yeah, be sure to look forward to lots of great reviews, not only coming from me this next month and future months to come.

So people who have known me for some time, may remember that I’m actually a film-maker. I know, looking at this website, it would be pretty hard to tell. Sure I occasionally speak of YobiTv, and have a few videos up… But really, that’s all. I mean, I spend a lot of time writing, mostly for this website for the student paper. I occasionally write fiction or a script, though Ive been speaking lately of a theatre script. Its only been recently my minds been going into Tv/Film script mode, and that’s because I now have it as a class (which I’m loving!)

To combat this, and try to reclaim my light as a film-maker, I’ve started looking into competitions and screenings. As I did last year, I’ve entered a film into No Limits. Last year, I entered the original edit of Connection Unavailable (as Redux had not been made at that point). I thought about entering Redux again, though decided on Footprints, as there is a chance that Yobi will be finished before No Limits, and so Redux will have all the promotion it needs.

I’ve been thinking about buying a Mac in the summer, and if I do, I plan on buying motion (which I’ll be taught how to use in my Editing class), and making a Redux edit of Footprints (Which would make it the second No Limits entry to gain a Redux after the original edit was shown). Oh, and this time, I’ve entered it earlier, and so it is eligible to win a prize (I believe that I’m informed if it’s shortlisted in march).

Connection Unavailable Redux, however, may be shown at Showroom Shorts. I plan on entering it in, and hope to gain some publicity for it, to help when voting begins on Yobi, which is around mid-march… So yeah, it seems March is going to be a very busy, if not very stressful time, though I am somewhat looking forward to it.

I’ll update you as things go ahead, but for Now… Toodles.


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