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The Muppet Christmas Carol

So after writing the ‘Films To Watch At Christmas’ article, I was set a challenge to do over the christmas period. To watch and review ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’, and to post the review in the student paper (though I’ve decided to post it to my site as well). Well, by the end of this review, I can truthfully say… Challenge Complete.

So I’m not going to lie. I wasnt really expecting much from this film. I know a lot of people rave about it,and I’ve heard people describe it as a fantastic adaptation… But personally, I was just expecting it to just not be so good. Well… I was wrong. I wouldn’t call it a fantastic adaptation, but it is very good.

I havent watched The Muppets before, but the film makes it so you dont really need to (aside from a few references to the characters proper names, and one reference to it being an american show), but all in all, even if you are like me and have never seen The Muppets, the film is still easily watchable.

So what of the songs. Well, there are a few that aren’t so good, but really, there aren’t any terrible ones. There are also quite a few good ones. Dont get me wrong, I wouldn’t put them on my iPod, but the songs are still quite good. I also like the fact that they have Charles Dickens (well, Gonzo the Great) narrating the story. It’s a different take on the story and somewhat adds to the story (also providing some-what comic relief in certain parts).

I think the biggest question is… How does it stack up against the other Christmas Carol adaptation I put in my list. If you remember, there was All Dogs Christmas Carol, Disney’s: A Christmas Carol, and my personal favourite, Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Well… Truthfully… It doesn’t compare. It is a good film, but the other films just have an nostalgic presence to them, well, apart from Disney’s: A Christmas Carol, since it was released in 2009… But that was a better film all together.

So in all… It is a good film, and one worth watching around christmas… Would I have added it to the list… Probably not, though mainly because I wouldn’t want to over load it with  Christmas Carol adaptations, but a great film all the same… Challenge Completed.


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