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Screen Daze: Review of 2010

So 2010 has come and gone, but I want to celebrate some of the good, and  woe one abysmally bad side of Television, Film and the Internet from the past year. The past year was filled with beginnings and end. It was the beginning of the Matt Smith saga of Doctor Who, and the end of cult reality show Big Brother. New shows came into light such as the amazingly good modern day adaptation ‘Sherlock’, whilst good shows from 2009 became great shows, such as Being Human, which became truly chilling at certain points in the second series. On the film front, we saw amazing films, such as the mind boggling Inception, or the geektastic Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Unfortunately, we saw the advent of a devastatingly bad film, under the name of ‘Fred: The Movie’. On the internet stuff, we saw Youtubers take charity to great success, as such in Project for Awesome, Worldvision Vloggers, or the 24 Hour long StickAid. But, alas, we start predictably, in January.

In January, the second series of Being Human aired on BBC 3. For those of you who havent seen Being Human, it involves a Vampire named Mitchell, a Werewolf named George and a Ghost named Annie, all of whom share a house in Bristol. Originally marketed as a comedy (the format would suit it well), it was actually more of a suspenseful thriller drama. There were comedy elements in some places, but for most of the show, it had a hard hitting storyline keeping you watching until the end of the series.

Well, it returned with vengeance in January 2010, diving even deeper into the characters and the storyline. Mitchell continues his fight with his blood lusting vampirism, and now how to handle a whole clan of other blood thirsty vampires whose leader has been killed. George and Nina’s relationship struggles on once George finds out he has infected Nina, and Annie has to face death itself.

The series for me became truly great in one particular scene in Episode 7, when Mitchell takes fully to the dark side, having one of the most erierest and frightening conversations with George and Annie than I’ve seen for a long time. I look forward to the new series, announced to come out early 2011.

Doctor Who also returned to our screens in the spring with baby Doc Matt Smith taking the role of the Enigmatic Timelord, The Doctor. He was alright for the first couple episodes, showing the quirky, yet all serious and emotional side of what the Doctor essentially is. Unfortunately, as the series continued, it seemed like this side of the Doctor somewhat slipped away to be replaced with a more goofy, child friendly Doctor.

I must say though, even with a lackluster Doctor, the Series arc has been one of the best since the revival. With a gripping and mysterious storyline, involve Pandorica’s, Silence and a Crack in reality, it kept viewers guessing right up until the truly fantastic penultimate episode of the series finale, which left everyone wondering for an entire week… ‘WHAT!’.

Although not all stories were excellent throughout the series. I did enjoy River Songs personal arc getting developed throughout two 2-parters, other episodes, which as Vampires In Venice, made it hard to enjoy (Dont get me wrong, I just find it hard to take fish aliens disguised as vampires in ancient Rome quite hard to enjoy).

Despite Fish Aliens, Steven Moffat once again showed his writing genius during the summer months with the modern day adaptation of the much loved deceive series ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Simply named Sherlock, the show showed us what the detective series could be like if it was written for the modern day, and all the same, it was a great, but short series, only consisting of 3 episodes. One of which was written by Moffat himself, and another being written by Mark Gatiss (who has also written and starred in Doctor Who). Both Moffat and Gatiss co-created Sherlock.

Also in the summer, we saw the amazing anime series Angel Beats!, created by Jun Maeda, and produced by ‘P.A Works’ and ‘Aniplex’. Writer  Jun Maeda, along with the character designer ‘Na-Ga’ are both from the visual novel company ‘Key’, who are also responsible for fantastic animes such as Clannad and Air.

The series were only 13 episodes long, but was still held a gripping and emotional storyline with attached you to the various characters. A special episode was released with the final DVD in December, as well another epilogue to the series. It is rumoured there is a second series to be released in Spring 2011.

Stick Aid, a yearly 24 hour charity event, once again was shown on the live streaming site ‘Stickam’. The event lasted for 24 hours straight, and was hosted by Myles Dyer(Blade376) and Charlie Mcdonnell(Charlieissocoollike), with many guests throughout the show, such as Charlies band ‘Sons of Admirals’ and a whole load of other popular Youtubers.

Unfortunately, we also saw something dreadful evolve from Youtube. Something so terrible to even type the name brings me pain… Fred: The Movie. If a film was ever to be described and totally unnecessary… Then it is most definitely this one. Fred was bad enough when he was some Youtube sensation… You could ignore him quite easily… But he has now disgraced film, and tainted my eyes…

Unfortunately, for every abominably bad film, there is always a shining light of awesomeness… In 2010’s case, this shining light was Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Adapted from the comic series, it follows 23 year old Scott Pilgram’s journey of how he faces off against his love interest, Ramona Flowers’s Seven Evil Ex’s (also known as the League of Evil Ex’s). Not only was this one of the best films of 2010, it is also in my top favourite 5 of all time.

So that is it for my personal review of 2010. It had many great and shining moments, and others that will be known as the Dark Times (I never will get those 83 minutes of my life back). Still, if 2010 was this great, then I expect even greater things to come from 2011.

What were your favourite parts of 2010? What in the realms of TV & Films did you Love and Hate? Share your feelings in the Comments section below.


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