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So I’m taking up the challenge to post a blog once a week, which will most likely happen on Fridays (As content updates are set to Wednesday and Sunday). I should have a lot more to talk about over the next year. With activities such as Bradford Student Cinema and RamAir, along with writing projects for The Bradford Student, this website, and possibly script writing for Theatre at the Mill, I should have much to talk about. One of the more exciting developments for this year is the Bradford Anime Society which I’m helping to get set up.

Also coming up in March is the YobiTV competition (which I may cover for the Student Paper). It has been quite a weird journey with Yobi, because when I joined back in August, it was quite a tense time. Holding on to see if I made it into the Semi-Finals, and then once again a week later when the Semi-Final round came up and having to see if I would make it into the Finals.

And then… Well, nothing for a long time… Having to go from the end of August, waiting all the way through to March is a bit of a long wait. But I can’t complain really, with such a fantastic prize, I’m prepared to wait it out for the rest of the way. I really hope I do well in this. If I got far it would be fantastic. Hell, if I won… I really wouldnt know what to do.

Some news about my RamAir Radio Show: ’42’. At the end of January, my university timetable switches around, and so does some of the RamAir shows due to people having different days. I’ve decided to take this opportunity to switch the day from Saturday 12-2pm, to Friday 11-1pm. I’m also going to start focusing it towards what it was suppose to be originally. A critical, yet geekily funny look at Television, Film and The Intenet (though I will continue along with the weird news topics).

Looking onwards to the summer, I’ll be going to the popular london Youtubers Gathering: Summer in the City. I wanted to go last year, but the friend I was going to go with backed out and so I never ended up going. This time, I know a few more people who are going, and even one who is part of a quite popular youtube duo. So that should be a blast, and I’ll be sure to take some pictures and cover the weekend when I return.

I’m going to write to make a film in the summer as well. Not sure what it’ll be about yet as I’ve decided to try to make Purgatory into a theatre play, instead of a short film. I think it’ll be my usual style, though as for the story, I dont have too many idea’s. I’ve been rolling around the idea of doing an remake of Connection Unavailable, based on the original 3 tier storyline. I may save that for another time though, since I’d like to get more work done before I start going back and remaking older ones.

Anywho, that’s all for this week. Until the next time… Toodles.


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