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A New Year, and A New Cybarianet

Well… Not completely new. Same basic set out as before but with new design changes.

The main thing I should address is the logo.  I had said that I would use the logo that won my 42 competition in the design on my website. Unfortunately, I have realised that none of the designs actually fit well into the new website, so instead I am doing something quite special instead, which you should know about before the end of the month.

I should also apologise for the lack of articles and reviews recently. I know I said I would write a Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol, but being at home right now means the only computer is in the living room, which makes it hard to concentrate on writing, especially when certain members of the family are up till 2 or 3 in the morning,

Once I get back to my own computer, I should be able to keep upto date with the new schedule, which will be content updates on Wednesdays and Sundays, and a blog every now and then.

I’m also hoping to bring in more guest writers. I have one confirmed at the moment, who will either be doing 1 or 2 posts a month, though I do hope to get more in to bring more variety to the site.

I’m also very happy how the Showroom Shorts have been. Currently, the South Yorkshire Film-makers Network (SYFN) are giving me some promotion, by mentioning the reviews I write for Showroom Shorts and the site in their news bulletin. This is the first step towards making the website more professional, instead of some little thing I do.

So what for the year ahead? Well there is the YobiTv Finals in March, so lets all hope that does well, as if I win one of the cash prizes, I will put some of the money back into the site.

The idea I have is separating the blog aspects and the article/review aspects of the website into two, individual websites.

The review site will stay as Cybarianet, as for the blog site… Well, lets cross that bridge when I come to it. Personally, Im not sure what Im going to do. I do want to keep up with the blog aspects, and maybe grow it more into a full fledged blog site, instead of the occasional, update blog I do now.

I also plan on creating a script for theatre. Well, as Ive said previously, Im planning on developing the idea for Purgatory for theatre, instead of a 30 min short it was originally conceived to be.

Moving through to the summer, as I wont be at university, there wont be no Screen Daze. Instead, I’ll keep to my regular Cybarianet posts, returning to Screen Daze in September. I plan on developing my writing skills, and going to a few newspapers to try to get a column, or either just a few individual articles posted in something more official.  As these will be more official, ‘Job’ type articles, I am unsure if I could directly post them to my website, but I will at least try to get a link to the website edition if there is one.

I havent really planned further than that. Things may be a bit rocky when I return to university as it was this year, or I may do as I said I would, and plan ahead, writing content in advance to post on the scheduled times.

Anyhow, I hope that everybody has had a great 2010, and have a truly fantastic 2011.

Until the next time… For the first time in the year… Toodles.


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