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Blog: It’s Christmas Time

Or specifically, that time in between Christmas and New Year where you’re not really too sure what to do. With New Years’ looming over, most don’t tend to want to get into any big projects, which for me includes starting my Media Histories essay.

I’ve realised I don’t really ‘blog’ as much as I use to. I may try to fix this, but at the same time, there’s no point in posting a blog if I don’t have much to talk about. Still, with major updates looming over head, I think it’s time I update some readers (as little of you as there are) on what will be happening over the next few weeks.

I have a review planned for tomorrow, which will be of the Doctor Who Christmas Special for 2010, in which is based on the classic Dickens tale, and so was promptly titled ‘A Christmas Carol’.

I may also make an Ironic review of Charlie Brooker’s Review of the Year 2010.

I’ve got plans for an article covering the many different Christmas programs that have been on, though that will not be until after new year.

And as you may know from the competition, I’ll be redesigning the website with possibly a new logo. I already have a Promo lined up for the release on new year.

Unfortunatly, due to how wordpress works, you may come on the site and notice it has changed slightly. so there may be some sneaky peaks if you log on at the right time.

I do think I had more to talk about, but I’ve forgotten most of it (i did start writing this blog 2 hours ago. Tea and TV distracted me, lol)

Until the next time, Toodles.


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