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Article: Films To Watch At Christmas

Written by: Liam Walters

So Christmas is upon us folks, and what better way to celebrate than gathering around with the family and watching some Christmas films to get you into the spirit of it all. But, with so many Christmas films already out there, how are you suppose to tell the great ones from the, lets say, not so great ones.

Well, hopefully this short list of my own personal favourite Christmas films will help you out.

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

So who else remembers this little song turned children’s Tv film. Made in 2000, and repeated nearly every year on Cartoon Network, it was something I enjoyed as a child (because what young kid would not enjoy an animated film based on a song where Santa Claus runs over an elderly woman.

Although not the best Christmas film there is, this, like many others on the list, is for the nostalgia more than the entertainment.

The Grinch

So we all know the story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, whether it was from a storybook, the 1960’s animated short (directed by non-other than Chuck Jones) or, for the example I’m using on this list, the 2000 live action film starring Jim Carey.

This also seems to be a lot of people’s favourite, and quite frankly, I have to put it down to Carey’s excellent performance as the crude, rude, Christmas hating green Grinch. The way he portrays the character’s dark yet somewhat manic personality makes this a film to behold by all.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

So this won’t be the first time I refer to an adaptation of the beloved Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. This one, however, will be the only one which has a mainly all dogs cast. I use to love the ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ films growing up, and was even happier when I heard of the Christmas special film.

Another great nostalgia film, from a great nostalgic series.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

So I’m pretty sure there not much I really need to say about this film. If you have not watched Tim Burton’s frighteningly songful festive film yet, then I urge you to put down the paper right this second and go out to buy it.

Although it will not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is still a great film, one which ‘Sandy Claws’ himself would be proud of.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

So the second of the Christmas Carol adaptations, and the most recent one at that. Released in 2009 by Disney, this spectacular three-dimensional film is something to behold just for the visuals, if not for the well adapted story of the Christmas story.

Love Actually

So one of the only live action films on the list, and more likely, one for the girls, this is still one of my favourite films to watch. A dramatic yet comedic storyline which keeps you interested throughout, and an excellent soundtrack to keep along with it. It is definitely one to check out as if gives you the heart-warming feeling that only comes with Christmas.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

So saving the best for last, here it is, and its another adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is an animated Disney holiday film made in 1983 (being the oldest film on this list) it is definitely something to behold. It has been many years since I last watched this masterpiece. I had it on VHS, but it has long since been lost, although I still remember it to this day, with scrooge’s fierce words to Mickey, or the horrifying images that came with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

This is an amazing film, one that too few people have seen. I know it will be on my Christmas list this year, just so I can bask in the glory of the nostalgia and Disney Christmas magic of the past.

And so that’s it. There’s many more great Christmas films out there, ones that I have seen and ones that I haven’t, but these are the ones that I feel deserve to be mentioned. Whether it’s because they strike an emotional chord with me, because I just find them fun and interesting to watch, or because of nothing more than simple nostalgic value.

This was my list of fantastic Christmas films, and I hope you enjoy, or have enjoyed, them as much as I have.

Happy Holidays Folks.


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