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Misc: Rum & Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

So its December, and with Christmas on its way, you and your friends/flatmates decide to get together and have a mini-christmas dinner before you go home for the Holidays. If you get the job of making the pudding, then here is a quick and simple recipe for a delicious tasting Rum & Chocolate Cake, which you can microwave easily in a mug.

Ingredients & Equipment:

2 Tablespoon Flour

2 Tablespoon Sugar

1 Tablespoon Drinking Chocolate Powder/Cocoa

1 Bar of Chocolate (100g)

1 Egg

1 Tablespoon Oil

1 Tablespoon Milk

1 Shot of Dark Rum

Cream (Optional)

1 Cup/Mug (For Mug ‘+’ ingredients by ½)

1 Fork

1 Sharp Knife

1 Chopping Board (Optional)


Place your Flour and Sugar into the Cup/Mug, then follow with your Chocolate Powder/Cocoa before mixing with the fork.

Place your chocolate on the Chopping Board, and chop vertically as finely on sideways as you can. Once done, then cut horizontally across all the flakes. Add 2/3 of these into the mixture now.

Add the Egg, Milk and Rum, mixing after adding each ingredients. One half of the remaining chocolate and mix once again, before placing the rest of the chocolate to rest on top of the mixture.

Place in the microwave, and set it to full heat for 3 minutes. Once out, get out a dish or a plate and tip the mug cake on to it (it should easily slide out)

Add the cream (I suggest doing this, as it adds a more interesting taste and texture to it) and if you like, add some more rum (¼ of a shot should do).

And there you have you, one Rum and Chocolate mug cake. One of these is easily enough for one, and would be enough for two if used with a mug.

There are other variations of this, such as using dried fruits or bananas instead of chocolate, or if you aren’t a fan of alcohol, just don’t add the rum (instead, use another ½ tablespoon of milk).

I hope everyone enjoys this quick and easy treat.

Happy Holidays Folks.


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