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Fiction: Rain Prompt

So I was watching one of Grace Hatton’s Vlogs and at the end of the video she gave a prompt, which was:

A girl staring out of the window at the rain, and an individual walks in. We have to keep the audience guessing whats going on.

Now, this is actually a prompt to for play format, but it can still work in normal literature. Also, when it says ‘an individual’ it means 1 person, not what I was referring to in my last article)


I stood and stared out through the window, watching the rain falling down from the darkness up above. I could feel the cold win blow through the cracks in the windows and heard raindrops pelt the iron roof. Drops of water were starting to escape through, as I felt a droplet collide with my bare shoulder. I walked to the wall, unhooking my long woollen black coat and sliding it onto my body, before pulling it tight around myself.

I walked back to the window, though it was hardly visible through the drops and running water on the other side. It was total darkness outside. No sign of light, love or life as far as my weakened eyes would allow to see. Our cabin was dimly light by small candles placed around, gently burning away until we were left with nothing but a flicker, then darkness. I shuddered at the though, turning my eyes to the door as sounds of life came from the other side of the door.

The door suddenly flung opened, before I saw him, and instantly I regretted my decision. I had thought I would be happy… I had always seemed happy… I was always happy… But now…I am only ever ‘was’.

I saw his shining blue eyes look into my dull grey ones, as he release a breath of relief. He got to his feet, rushing to me and pulling be close… Hugging me tightly.

“I thought I had lost you” He whispered, as I felt his arms tighten around me.

I was silent… I didn’t want to say it… But I could not fight back… I had made the decision so long ago to say these words…  Back when in my heart I thought it was true… How wrong I was…

“I’ll never leave you” I whispered back, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him close, shielding my face from his view as tears fell from my eyes. “I’ll always be here… Forever” I whispered, cursing myself for every word… My time had come.

“I.. I’m sorry…” I whispered, pulling him close… Reality was warping around us, each candle slowly being burnt out.

“This world is a lie… So am I… And so are you… It is a world of a dream… A world of a memory… Of a girl who lies in wait, to be woken up once again” I continued. He was silent, as the world around us became darker and darker.

“I hung in the balance of life and death… I did not want to lose you… So I faded into my memories… To where I could laugh and smile like I use to… But… I couldn’t… Not anymore” I was talking to myself now… He had faded with the rest of the world, the world where I had over-stayed my welcome, and as the last candle finally burnt out… I opened my eyes to see his face, as the said the worlds which set everything in motion…

“Nice to meet you”

If you’re a writer, then why don’t you give this prompt a try, and comment on how your story had turned out.


Now, this is the part where I explain a little about the story. Since I did very little planning about it, it came mostly natural. The problem is that it follows a lot of the same themes that my other stories do, such as connection, loss, and spirituality. I wanted to try something different, as I have done a ghost story with ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ and I’m in the planning stage of a short film which deals with Purgatory.

So even after I came up with the idea of using memories, I was still stuck. Not only would it be difficult to explain how a living person managed to live in their memories, but it also did the whole ‘Unable to let go of someone whose died’ which appears in ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ again. So I decided to switch it around, giving the role of the main character to the one who had passed on themselves, like I did in ‘Footprints’.

Another problem came with the actual ‘Death’. I use death a lot with characters. From ‘What I Wouldnt Give’, to ‘Footprints’, ‘Memories From Another Time’, and ‘Night City’. It has good dramatic effect, although not wanting to over use it, I decided to use a Coma. A comma also works well as a death means the end, but being in a coma means memories can continue on after the accident (creating the world disappearing as there’s no more memories to keep it going).

This is by far from my best or even most emotional work, but it was still a nice little excersize to keep my creative writing going. I hope next to continue on with ‘Light in the Dark’ as it is a quite different piece, though still has my main theme of connection, which will become more obvious as the story continues.


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