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Misc: ’42’ Competition and Website Redesign

So I do a radio show on Ramair called  ’42’ and announced that I’ve started a competition regarding this site. I’ll be redesigning the site in the new year and because of this I feel I should get a new logo ready. The Cybaria Film Strip has served me well over the past few months, but I feel there’s more yet to come.

Along with a redesign, I will also be implementing a new schedule. I will upload content every Wednesday and friday. Which means in a month, I will have at least 8 new pieces of content, and at max, 10. 2 of these will be Cybarianet exclusives. 4 will be ones I have submitted to the student paper. At least one will be a guest publication and another will be the ‘Showroom Shorts’ article. Any more that are needed may either be more exclusive content for Cybarianet, or more guest content.

The competition is open to all, and just not students from Bradford University. I shall pay for shipping costs and will deliver to any address anywhere in the world.


In the new year, my website, will be going through some redesigns. To accompany this, I am wanting to do a redesign of my logo (see link below).

The logo should be suitable to modify if need be (to fit to banner/logo sizes) and should use lighter rather than dark colouring. You may provide a range of logo’s to be used for various tasks (such as a general logo and a banner) in various colours if you desire.

The logo should read [CybariaNet] (instead of the current [Cybaria] which I use.)

Current Logo:Photobucket

You can enter as many different logo’s as you please, though I am choosing a person rather than a logo (Although the logo will help choose that person)
Simply put: All logo’s entered made by a single individual will be grouped together into one entry.

In exchange for the prize (See Below) you will give me copyright of the logo’s to use how I please. If I was to make any money from the logo’s you would not receive any. You will however be credited with creating and designing the logo.

The competition is currently open for 1 week until Saturday 18th at 13:00. If by that point, I do not have more than 5 entries, I will extend the competition to January 1st at 00:00, at which point I will use the winning logo on my site and announce the winner on my first show back from the new year on January Saturday 8th.

NOTE: Please send all entries to


The Prize will be the Limited Edition copy of the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film, which includes the 2 disk edition of the DVD, a tie in film edition novel, and 6 exclusive Art Cards.

Images of Prize:





The competition is open to all, and just not student from Bradford University. I shall pay for shipping costs and will deliver to any address anywhere in the world.

Thank you, and I wish you all luck on the competition.



2 responses

  1. sean womersley

    is there any specific file size required + what are the dimensions?

    December 11, 2010 at 16:42

    • No really specific field size or dimensions. Do what you think would feel right.

      December 11, 2010 at 17:06

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