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Fiction: Light in the Dark [I]

Authors Note:

So this is the first piece of fiction I’ve written in about 6 months. It’s nice to see I still have it. This one is quite different in terms of format though. Although it keeps several things from my works such as First Person and the lack of names, it’s also written in present tense, and there’s a less focused plot. Though like some of my others, this is still about the connection people share.

Anyway, Enjoy


A winter’s night. A cold breeze rushes past us. She comes ever so closer to me, as I wrap my arms around her, pulling her tight to share my warmth. She smiles, turning to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you” She whispers in my ear, before grinning and taking a few steps back. A snow ball flies into my face, as she lets out a victorious giggle. I smirk, rolling up a ball of snow from the ground, ready for retaliation. She screams and runs away, but she is hit. The war of snow begins. Laughter fills the air, along with the snowy projectiles. The war subsides, both team damaged and cold. A peace is called and we get on our way again. She looks up at me, linking arms to keep us close as we walk on through the night.

“You’re beautiful” I whisper, once again wrapping my arms around her, creating an almost protective cocoon. A light is up ahead, as we go to investigate. Born into a world of darkness and silence, we shield our eyes from the bright shining light. A house, or cabin… Once inhabited, not long ago, but now empty like the moon.

The door is closed and we go to the fireplace. Olden in design, or at least we think. Not much of our history has been left known to us. Regardless, we start the fire and remove our coats. I look to her as my heart almost skips a beat. The fire that gently reflects in her eyes, illuminates her body in an orange glow. She always looks so beautiful. I kiss her, as my arms pull her close. She brings herself to me, allowing ourselves to become one with each other.

We awake some time later, laid next to the fire, almost all burnt out. From a box of wood we start the fire burning again before laying down once more, simply watching the other as our hearts beat in unison.

She stands, taking the blanket wrapped round her, though opening it and holding her arm out.

“Lets explore” She said softly as I nod, taking her hand in mine as I join her wrapped in the blanket, as we move around the abandoned house. Remnants of the previous owner are scattered throughout. Springs and gears of copper are on a table. Tools of some craftsmen lay beside them, ready to work a job that will now never be complete. We move along, noting each room in design and decor, before coming upon a bedroom.

A large bed centres the room, as large wooden wardrobes sit against the opposite wall. We open one, as we see an assortment of dressers draped from hangers. She smiles, unravelling herself from the blanket before removing some of the dresses, placing them against herself.

I turn to the other wardrobe, taking my luck with me as I pull open the wooden doors. I am welcomed to the sight of shirts and trouser of various colours. The couple who lived here would have been wealthy. The blanket drops to the floor, as I pull out a grey shirt, followed by black trousers and waistcoat. From the pocket of the waistcoat I pull a small ticket object. I press the brass button from the top as the objects front spring open, revealing a time-keeper. I close the front, returning it to the pocket as I look across. She now wear a dark corseted dress, the arms and skirt being long and flared. Surely only she can be the definition of beauty.

She smiles at me, walking and taking my hand. We return downstairs, and to darkness. Our sign for us that it is time to leave. We collect our coats, sliding them on before venturing back to the snow-covered ground of outside.

I feel her hand tighten around mine.

“When will we reach our place?” She asks.

“When the darkness ends” I whisper, pulling her close once more, walking to the darkness ahead, but leaving something darker behind.

Written By: Liam Walters


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