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Article: Showroom Shorts #1

Showroom Shorts

So I attended what was the first of to be many ‘Showroom Shorts’ events at the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. The event showed the works of nine different northern based film makers. Some of the director’s had shown up at the event, to see how their film was received. Here is my own personal view of the shorts shown at the events.

Disclaimer: The views stated below are that solely of the writer.

Threads – Directed by Matt Taabu, 2009. 12 mins

This was quite a nice film, and a great way to start off the event. The short focus’ on a teenage boy, having found his father who had abandoned him and his mother long ago. The father, who is a local leader of the Far-Right, is not too happy to see his son.

A great piece of drama, with pressing undertones of race and ethics, it was most definitely one of the better films of the night.

Invidia – Directed by Kostas Stragalinos, 2010, 8 mins

A darkly satirical film about an artist who opens an exhibition with his new piece of art, although not the original piece which he gave to his lover, causing the envy and anger of the mob. With a great use of dark colouring and music, and with little spoken lines, this film speaks with visuals.

Not the best film of the night, though by far not the worst.

Cubes – Directed by Rob McLellan, 2010, 4 mins

Intended as the first part of an upcoming series of science fiction shorts, Cubes follows the journey of a young girl exploring the city. With stunning visual shots and an evocative soundtrack, you may not even notice the lack of any dialog (not that the film needs it).

With it’s beautiful visuals and engaging narrative, this comes very close to being my favourite film of the night.

Readings From the Ah-Beer – Directed by Bob Morris, 2010, 21 mins

Unfortunatly, this was not one of the better films shown on the night. I did not find the humor used with it quite as funny as it may have intended it to, and found the voice actin and poor animation quality slightly distracting.

It may just be that I was not intended in the target audience, though I could not figure our who the target audience was. The visuals and scripting making it hard to tell who exactly the short was aimed at.

Overall, it was my least favorite film of the night.

Take Me Home – Directed by Rebecca Culverhouse, 2010, 4 mins

A beautifully shot music video made the ‘2 Weeks 2 Make It 2010’ music video competition. There is not much I can say about this, although I fully urge people to go out and seek this music video if you can, as it is defiantly worth a watch.

Stormy Weather – Directed by Ben Richards, 2008, 6 mins

A nice film with a comedic narrative, Stormy Weather shows the story of two people, both of whom have been not so lucky with lady love, who happen to run into each other whilst taking shelter from the stormy weather. As they wait out the storms, their future is changed forever.

Although a somewhat clichéd narrative, an interesting and exciting story non-the-less.

Mortified – Directed by Robert Nevitt, 2008, 2 mins 28 secs

Mortified is the story of four young children who are playing Hide and Seek in an old house. When they run into the house’s owner, one of the young children’s day is about to get a whole lot more worse.

With interesting cinematography, and with it being the shortest film played, it shows that you can go far with good work.

Moth to a Flame – Directed by Kevin Tams, 2007, 10 mins

Moth to a flame follows  Thomas, a middle-aged dying man who sufferers terrible nightmares involving moths. Living alone, he over hears the couple next door, of whom have an abusive relationship. Having no help from the police, he eventually gathers the courage to overcome his fears and step out and help the woman in plight.

An emotional drama which keeps you tied to the characters, a grand success within the short time line. My personal favourite film of the night, I fully recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Pussy – Directed by Debbie Howard, 2009, 3 mins

Pussy shows the story of what happens when a family come together to help their daughter, who had been having unwanted sexual advances off a boy from her school. Whilst there are obvious tones of underage and forced sex involved, it still has a heart-warming feel, showing the strengths and bonds of family.

Written By: Liam Walters


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