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Ramble: Steampunk – Fashion & Fiction

I really could make this into an article… I still might, if I do, I’ll have deleted this part anyway, and if not, you’ll see it as a ramble in the title anyways.

I should really be doing something productive, like writing an essay… or a review… or something for the student cinema… or the Paranormal Activity 2 review, which is slowly starting to become my Transformers review which I still havent written (There’s a higher chance of a Transformers 2 and 3 review coming out before that does), but I digress… Which is weird, because I havent even started on my main point yet… So have I digressed at all… Hmmmm.

Anyway… As you can see by the title, this particular post is about the Steampunk genre, in both fiction, and fashion(a topic I rarely discuss… Because… Well… Have you seen me? I look like an alternative 10th doctor on casual Fridays). I really love the Steampunk genre. I mean, I guess I got into it in my Cybergoth days, when looking up stuff related to Cyberpunk (another Fiction/Fashion trend). I already liked Victoriany stuff anyway, and this just made things even better. The world of Steampunk is truly amazing and inspiring, from giant Airships in Retribution Falls to brass Time Machines in ‘The Time Machine’, it is most certainly a large and vivid genre to look in to.

So what about the fashion. Well the fashion is based off the Victorian look, although mixed in with some more alternative and modern design, such as the use of brass goggles for accessories. Part of the downside to this fashion is that if you do actually manage to pull it off, you may end up looking like a reject final fantasy character (especially if you have oddly coloured hair like myself).

Steampunk also is a genre of music, with many great bands, the most prevalent (well, to me at least) is Abney Park. There are a few more out there but at this time I can’t really remember them, nor do I really want to.

I think that’s really it for now. Just a quick ramble for the point of, well, typing something. Lol. I will really try to get up some original, and next time, interesting content. I do actually have a review planned for soon.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this. Who knows, this may be a future Screen Daze article (wouldn’t be the first time I used a Cybaria post as a foundation for a Screen Daze article *cough*angelbeatsreview*cough*

Until the next time – Toodles.


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