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Blog: December Special & Purgotory

So I’m going home to Sheffield for a few days, just as a casual visit. I had some time in-between packing that I decided I should write a blog for a few updates.

Purgatory is coming along nicely. I havent actually started scripting yet,  and it’s just mostly idea generation, but the full title will be:

[Meetings – Journeys – Revelations]

So as you may be able to tell, I’m splitting it up into three segments (a little like Makoto Shinkai’s ‘5cm Per Second’ although without the long time skips in-between)

I’m currently looking for an artist to do promotional work for it.

That’s about it for now. I’m still doing very early stages of development, so I’ll release more information I can.

So as I’ve mentioned perviously, I’m doing a special event this December. I;ve already created a promo-advert for it to go into the Bradford Student (the student paper which I write the column Screen Daze for), though I will release the advert on the web by the 21st, and hopefully a video promo on the 24th (not too sure if I will go ahead with the video promo or not, it depends how much spare time I have to make it)

So as I said, this is pretty much a quick update. There will be an anime review going up next week as I know I’ve only really been doing blogs and Screen Daze since I arrived at University.

Till the next time – Toodles.


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