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Blog: Camera Ahoy!

First off. I’m going to apologize for the lack of articles/reviews lately. As I’ve said before, I have a lot of University work to do, and with my extra activities, its hard finding time to do stuff for this website.

Still, I’m going to try to get some stuff up soon. I have an anime review in mind to do,  and I’ll try to do an article before december, when I start of the special, as well as release all the stuff I’m doing for the student paper.


Anywhoo, with that now out the way, on to the reason for this blog. As you can probobably tell from the title, this is about camera’s. Well, one camera in particular… The one that I bought last Sunday.

The FujiFilm S1600, bought from CEX for £105 (for comparison: Amazon – £130 / RRP – £170 Prices according to I had been wanting a camera or a camcorder for a while now. I had been looking at camcorders in the same price range, but very few were HD, and if so, other functions weren’t so good. I saw a few non-HD ones with what looked like good specs, but after some research, I found the image quality was quite poor. After much thinking, I finally decided to go with a digital camera instead.

At first, I thought about getting a compact camera. Just something I could easily carry with me and pull out when I wanted to take a photo of something. But, after a chat with my friend Isaac, who’s a bit of a camera whiz, he suggested I buy a Bridge Camera. A bridge camera is basically the in-between of a Compact and a Digital-SLR (the more professional looking camera’s you see people with).

With me being, well, me, I couldn’t pass this up. I absolutely love technology, and the thought of having a nice camera with lots of settings really appealed to me. But the Bradford, going into professional camera shops, but I wasnt able to find anything in my cheap price range. So I decided to look in CEX, as they offer 12 month warranty on their products, I figured even if it was second-hand, as long as it was in good condition and actually worked, I would be happy. Lo and behold, I found a nice little bridge camera sitting there for £105.

But… I didn’t buy it. I knew I was going into Leeds the next day, so I figured I would just put off buying it and check Leeds out first. If I couldn’t find anything in Leeds, then I would go back to CEX on my way home and buy the camera… And well, to cut the story short, that’s what I did.

Now technically I spend a little more than £105, as the next day I returned to CEX and bought a 4Gb SD card for £8 (which was a bargain in itself) but even so, I got much more than I had expected with the camera.

Turns out, the guy who traded the camera in, also traded in the camera bag, 3 batteries (7 including the 4 in the camera already) and a mini-tripod, along with the stuff you would normally get with it such as the camera strap, lense cap, CD and AV/USB cables. It, unfortunately, didn’t come with an instruction book, but I was able to find one easily online and print it off.

I’m currently learning how to work the camera, reading through the instructions, although I visited a camera shot earlier today and asked if they would be able to help, which they had said they would. So if I’m still having trouble with it by the weekend, I shall go in and get some help.

And now that’s basically it. I will show some test shoots once I’ve got all the setting’s sorted out, but at the moment I am still very happy with my purchase.


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