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Blog: Jericho Pitch, Purgatory Idea, and a few updates

So I know I posted a blog yesterday, but that was more focusing on the new domain and the 150’000 views for Connection Unavailable. I’ve got a few other things to talk about today, so I figured I’d make a blog about it today. In all seriousness, I think, once again, I’m just going to drop all idea’s of having any update schedule.

The problem is, I need to try to make content, but sometimes I just can’t do that, so I’ll end up only posting a blog or something. I am going to try to get some new articles and reviews up, some Non-Screen Daze stuff, although I do have quite a bit to do for next months student paper.

Still, I’ve got something planned to write about for December. It’s going to be the first, proper special for the site (I know I use to have a couple other things as specials, but after some thought, there wasnt anything too special about them).

I’ll talk about it more later on, but as a clue for now, it’s Anime related, and is also connected to a piece of content on this very site.

I’m also going to ask my Student Paper editor if I can submit an advert for the special and my site. This wont be a regular thing, only for special occasions such as the one coming up.

So if you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts, you will know I have an idea for my next film project… Well, I’ve discarded that idea for now, mainly because I couldnt think of a good way to tell the whole story, as I only had a beginning and an end.

Instead, I have a new idea.

‘Purgatory’ [Working title]

Purgatory is the story of a young man who awakes in a strange world. With his memories faint and blurred, he is unsure of where he is, or how he got there. He meets another man in front of him, who tells him he is dead, and currently in purgatory.

The young man at first does not believe him, but discovers he is unable to interact with any of the ‘people’ around him. He asks if there is anyway to undo what killed him, but the man says there is, but not for him… It’s impossible.

The young man runs off, once again not believing the man, wanting to try to escape from purgatory and return back to life… But the road to life will take him through the people of his past. With his memories fading, he begins to learn the truth of his life… and his death.

Sooo yeah… It’s another ghost story. But what can I say, I like them. And I really like this idea. I can visualise what it’ll be like, and the use of colouring (Which also seems to be a staple of mine).

So yeah, I’ll get writing the script at some point and start shooting around early spring next year.

If you could all do me a favour, I would like you to sign up to enterthepitch and vote for my friends video.

This is out you do it:

The 40 shortlisted films have now been put to the public vote, so we need you to go on over to the The Pitch website register to vote, view our JERICHO pitch and then vote for our film (again, title: JERICHO pitch i.d. 175) if you like it. However, it’s not as easy as that, as you’ll have to view at least 6 (2 minute) pitches to qualify for the vote. Then you have to vote for the 3 best pitches on there.

If you could all do this, then it would be great and a big help.

For more information, or to check out any other projects he may be doing, please visit:

That’s all for now. I didn’t have too much to really talk about, but my last blog wasnt too long ago anyway (Well, it was last night, lol)

So until the next time – Toodles.



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