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Yes, today is a special day.

With checking YobiTv, I saw that we made it to 150’000 views… Which I must say, I am very happy about.

I guess part of it is because Connection Unavailable was done as a random project. It wasnt for college or a film competition… I just made it because I could…

And now its in the finals in an Online competition, and has more than 150’000 views (trumping some youtube partners total upload views)

So I decided to do some special things.

First of all, as the name of this blog will give it away, I purchased a domain:

I also have it as an email domain, so my new email address is

Second of all, I uploaded a short promo ad for this site onto my youtube account

And I’ve also added a new page: Exclusive Videos

These will be the videos which I don’t upload to youtube, but instead upload somewhere else and post them on the site.

This is partly to get more views on the site, but I just think it’s a nice way of linking my youtube to my website.

So the video I decided to upload was: Connection Unavailable – Original Edit

As you may have noticed, the current Connection Unavailable is actually called ‘Connection Unavailable Redux’

The reason why I gave it the name ‘Redux’ is because this was not the original version.

The original version is a less impressive, more badly edited version, which was the one I sent in to, and which was shown at, the No Limits International Student Film Festival 2010.

The video is now up on this site and can be seen [here]

Well. I think that’s all I need to say to be honest.

Next stop… 500’000 views.

My ultimate aim is 100’000’000 views before the competition ends in March 2011 (and, obviously, to come first place, heheh)

I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who has visited the site, watch a video on youtube, viewed or voted for me on YobiTv or supported me in anyway.  I know I’m no high class, big time, internet celebrity, but I appreciate every single view I ever get.

Thank You.

Until the next time – Toodles.


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