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Ramble: Writing Fiction (Or a lack of)

So yeah…

I haven’t exactly written any fiction in months. I mean… I’ve done planning for a couple of scripts, but that was more idea generation. As for actual writing, be it for a short story or a script… Nope, nothing in the past few months.

The last thing I probably wrote was ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ which in itself is a rewrite of an earlier short story called ‘Nothing More Than a Memory’. But still, that was written around April or June this year. So maybe in about 6 months, I havent actually written any new fiction. I guess part of it was because whilst I had ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ in the Perfectly Formed writing competition, I didn’t really want to try writing anything else. And then, of course, I didn’t win it, which kinda crushed me down a little bit.

I know I got over-confident in the competition, but it was because Connection Unavailable was doing so well in Yobi, I thought I could actually have a chance of winning, or thought I should most definetly get a runner-up prize…

But, I soon got shot back down to earth when I received the email saying I hadn’t won… And that did really make me question my own writing ability… Quite ironicly, it was one of the last things my old english tutor had told me before I left college. She said I should look to be published instead of carrying on entering competitions, because if you continue to lose competitions, you start to lose faith in your own ability… And that’s what happened. I did, and quite frankly, still do doubt my ability as a writer, be it fictional writing or factual writing, such as my articles and reviews.

I will admit, part of the reason I havent been writing so much is because I’ve been busy with university stuff… But still, I’ve had quite a bit of free time where I havent done anything. It just seems like my creative juices havent been getting through.

I dunno… Maybe I just need to try to throw myself into it. Find a nice soundtrack to put on in the background, and just start typing… Seeing what will come of it. I’m going to have to write the script for my next short film before February next year, so I want to be able to get started on that soon so I have at least a little more time on planning.

I guess I’ll see what happens. I may try to do some fiction writing at some point soon, although I still need to keep up the content for this site, as well as do university work and reviews for Bradford Student Cinema.




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