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Blog: Another Update (Sorry for the boring titles)

So today’s blog comes to you from the University of Bradford’s Library. Whilst I’m waiting for a friend, I figured I would do a quick blog update, as nothing has really changed since the last one.

So I will start looking for cheap places to buy a domain from, but at the moment, I think I am going to go with GoDaddy, which I have heard good things about.

I think it’s a bit of a shame that is already taken, by some random wine company, but I guess it can really be helped. Anyway, I think sounds a bit more natural personally.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about changing my YouTube about. Maybe just having ‘Cybaria’ and ‘CybariaProductions’ The only problem is, as soon as I decide to move my Cybaria Production’s stuff anywhere, the YouTube business cards wont really mean anything, since the logo is for Cybaria Productions, but the address on the card only says ‘Cybaria’

Now obviously, the business cards shouldn’t matter too much. The two email addresses on the back are already outdated, and both just forward emails to my I could just keep the cards, or have them as memorabilia or whatever if I ever get some fans. Maybe just send some out if I ever start doing merch.

I’ll continue this blog at home, since by friend is now done

Righteo, continuing on from about 6 hours ago… I’m just thinking. Cybaria has a lot of my old college videos, and I’ll also be uploading my university films onto it. So I was just thinking would it be better if I have another place for my own, independent films.

Maybe I’m just thinking about it too much.

On other fronts, not much to report. I may try to get into one of the mac rooms at some point, once I’ve made a good start on some university work, and if I can log onto the computers with no trouble, then that’s fantastic and I will get started with the site advertisement, as well as the tying up Seperation together.

Anyhow, that’s evertything. Just a quick update blog really.


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