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Off The Top: Spirit Day [NOH8]

So if you’ve been following me on twitter, or quite a lot of other people on twitter, you’ll know that today, October 20th, is Spirit Day. Spirit Day is a day in support of LGBT youths. It’s also a day of remembrance, for all the LGBT youths who have taken their own lives, or had their lives taken from them due to their differences.

I’m a strong supporter of LGBT, and so today, in Spirit Day tradition, I wore something purple (it was a purple checked shirt… I weirdly don’t have many purple pieces of clothing since I became less alternative.)  I have also turned my Twitter Avatar Purple, as well as adding the NOH8 Campaign Twibbon to it as well.

Although some may say that dressing in a certain colour, or making random tweets about it may not actually accomplish anything. I would have to say that I disagree. It shows uniformity, and support to those who may need it. It shows that were not afraid to say to the world that we have a cause we believe in. To everyone who was wearing purple today, we were a united front, ready to stand for our cause.

I know that I’m only a small time writer. I’m not famous on youtube, or anywhere on the internet where I could have some power to move people, but whether I have 3 readers, 300 readers, or even 3000 readers, I’ll always make content of stuff I believe is important, as I did with the World Vision Vloggers, and as I did with Stickaid.

I know I havent really written much, but for more information, the following links should be more than enough.


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