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Blog: Update

Alright, so this may be a very quick post today, because I’m against the clock (waiting for a friend to text me that he’s set off to meet me)

So yeah, I know its been forever since I last updated, but I’m going to try to work to a new schedule.

Since I have Student Paper and Student Cinema meetings on Wednesdays, I figure I’ll turn it into a personal day, where I work on my personal activities. These will include:

  • Things for this Website
  • Student Paper Articles
  • Reviews for Student Cinema
  • Learning Blender (3D Animation)
  • And maybe doing a bit of script writing

I’ll also try making a blog post every Sunday if possible, or at least every other sunday, as I want this to be more than just a blog website.

I’ve decided its time to buy myself a Domain Address, which will be ( is taken by some wine company unfortunately)

Depending if I win the YobiTv Competition, I may also look into a new layout. A professionally made one, although I’m not too sure as of yet.

Although I havent written the script yet, my next project will no longer be a short webseries, but a Short Film instead. At the moment, it’s looking to be about 30 mins or so, but I may try padding it out (Too much drama in too little time can actually be bad, padding will help with the pace)

I’ll be making a short advert for this site as well. I’ll probably make it for the launch with the new Domain Address. It wont be anything fancy, but it’s something to have anyway (plus it means I can add it to the start/end of some video’s)

I’ll be making some more updates in the near future. Nothing major, only small ones to the main pages, so just be on the look out for stuff like that.

As for future articles. I’m going to start writing my next Screen Daze article very soon. That’ll be posted on the day the newspaper comes out. Its going to be about The Power of Television, using modern examples such as Ghostwatch (1992), older examples of radio such as War of The Worlds, and be discussing what could happen for the future with the Internet.

As for site reviews and articles, I plan on doing a Christmas Special, where I look into Makoto Shinkai’s work. For stuff before then, I’m not too sure.

That’s it for now because I’m about to write another post for the site concerning NOH8. If you dont know what that it, just wait =]


2 responses

  1. Sounds cool! 🙂 Did you get your domain on wordpress?

    October 24, 2010 at 22:47

    • Nah, I’m going to buy it. I think I’m going to go with go Daddy, but I’ll keep looking for other places first.

      October 25, 2010 at 12:17

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