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Misc: I Got Tagged [10 Things I Like]

So a couple days ago some time ago, I got tagged by my sister ‘Sammi In Wonderland‘.

I’ve never been tagged before, so I figured it might be fun to give it a try.

The Rules Are:
Post who gave you this award, state 10 things you like, pass this to 10 other bloggers you like.

So here I go… In any random order:

I Like: My Friends

So back in Sheffield, I have the greatest and most random friends I could ever hope for. I met most of them in the time when I use to go to the Peace Gardens every saturday, as did a lot of other Sheffield based Alternatives. I met some at college and school as well, although most, if not all, are all complete weirdos. But hey, that’s why I love em ;D

I Like: Writing

Writing is a hobby and a passion for me. Whether its writing a short story, an article or a review, a script or what ever else, I just really love to write. I think the main reason I don’t really want to do writing as a career is because I’m scared that if I work in it, I wont feel the same way about it anymore.

I Like: ‘The Gilmore Girls’

I probably shouldnt really be admitting this to the internet… But yes, I love ‘The Gilmore Girls’. Theres just a nice, funny quirky edge to the drama, and doesn’t ever go too far into one end or the other. Also… Alexis Bledel is quite hot ^^

I Like: Anime

I wouldn’t really say I’m an Otaku… I mean, I’m not completely obsessed with Anime… But it is quite a big part of my fandom. Animes in particular that I like are Keys stuff, such as Air and Clannad, as well as Makoto Shinkai’s stuff, such as 5cm Per Second, and Voices of a Distant Star (the opening scene of which helped inspire my Current YobiTv Finalist short film; Connection Unavailable.

I Like: Geekness

If your surprised by this… You obviously don’t know me very well. I mean, the last like was about anime. I also watch Doctor Who, as well as go to Gallifrey Base and talk with other whovians. Theres quite a few more things, though I wont get into them here.

I Like: Music

Of course I like music. Nearly everyone in the world around does, so I’ll try to be more specific. I love instrumental music. The scores of soundtracks, or just instrumental versions of lyrical songs. It’s just nice to be able to listen to the music, and be able to take your own conclusions from it, instead of having someone else tell you what the music is supposed to be about.

I Like: My Family

Seeing as where I’ve been has turned me into who I am today… And I’ve already talked about the random/weird friends section of my life… Yeah, home life was pretty interesting too. From what I’ve seen, my family aren’t exactly ‘run of the mill’, but that’s great. I think I’d be bored if my family was normal.

I Like: Going to new places

I really enjoy going to new places. Whether its some far off land in another country, or a far off Greggs in a city not too far from my own. If it’s a new place then I love being able to walk around and explore.

I Like: ‘City of Angels’

‘City of Angels’ has to be one of, if not my most favourite film of all time. Once again I’m going to lose some man-points again, but I can’t help it. I first heard about the film when a friend on the internet told me about it. I checked it out and fell in love with it. Starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, it’s definitely a film worth checking out.

Additional Note: Quite funnily enough, my favourite song ‘Iris’ by ‘The Goo Goo Dolls’ is in the soundtrack to City of Angels.

I Like: Film-Making

And finally… I love Film-Making. Its kinda funny actually, when I first left school, I had plans of going into software development. I found my first year of College doing ‘IT Practitioners’ harder than I originally thought, and ended up only coming out with a Pass.

I had decided that I’d go onto media. I just had a gut feeling that it would be interesting, and so I went to Norton College in September 2007… And the rest will be for a retrospective.

Additional Note: Funnily enough, in my IT Practitioners course, I did get a distinction in Software Development, it was just the other modules I wasnt doing so good in.

So yeah, the 10 “Bloggers” I am going to tag are:

Matt Willard [Giant Robot Invasion]

Lucy Walsh [ShadowAnkh]

Dean Dobbs [OMGFItsJackAndDean]

Jack Howard [OMFGItsJackAndDean]

Mark Kennard [HillBeastOnline]

Robert McLellan [RobMcLellanFilm]

Charlie McDonnell [CharlieMcDonnell]

Alex Day [AlexDayMusic]

Ryan D’Arcy [RyanRum]

Savannah Hoffman [UndergrounCowz]


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