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Blog: Awkward Returns

So… Hi there =] Heh heh heh…

Alright. I know I know, I havent updated the site in over a week, and even then that was a pre-written post, so it’ll end up even longer since I’ve actually written anything.

I can’t even really say I’ve been busy, because I have had time to do stuff, just never got around to doing stuff for my actual site. True, there is the thing in me saying ‘Why bother… You have 0 subscribed to your posts, and you don’t exactly get commenters. If I did stop, nobody would be that bothered’…

But! I’m not in this for the viewership (True, it would be nice to have). I just enjoy writing, whether its blog, articles, reviews, short stories, scripts or whatever. I’m a natural born writer. Anyway, I;’m going to have to start blogging soon for my course (Yeah, I have to do actually blogging for my university course… lol).

As for university itself, it’s been quite fun upto now. The build up to it was quite weird, I kept thinking ‘When is it going to hit me?’.  Just that I was moving out and going to a whole new city… I just wondered when it would really just hit home… But it hasn’t… There hasn’t really been a big realisation or anything, it’s just basically the next day, just in a new location. Still, I think that’s quite me in a way. I don’t tend to worry about things, but instead just go with the flow.

I’ve met some interesting people on my course as well, even a youtube star. I know I’ll get agro from this if he reads it, but still… Its Dean from OMFGItsJackandDean. You’ll see that I’ve added their website to my ‘Links’ page. But yeah, I’ve made some other cool friends as well, so it’s all good =D

I should say expect some activity from my Youtube in the next few months. I’m also re-opening ‘Cybaria Shorts’ and re-organising my main Youtube page to only have my good videos on. Cybaria Shorts will be the odd little videos I decide to film.

I may be adding a new section to this site. Before, I use to try to post 3 pieces of content each week, which would be 1 Article/Review, 1 Blog, and 1 Other (Which could be a guest post or a Misc, or something else). Now I’m going to try to do the same, but instead of ‘Other’, it’s going to be a second blog. This second blog, though, will be fictional, and tell a story. I havent decided what story, or even the character, but I’m going to try to make it funny. (Because I know I can write drama, albeit sometimes a bit cheesy, but still drama).

Screen Daze has its first issue up, and I’m going to contact Phil about getting more published in future articles. I’ll upload the scan of the article at some point and post it in the Misc section, although you can still see a web-copy in the ‘Screen Daze’ section.

As I’ve said in a previous blog, I’m not sticking to an absolute schedule anymore, so there may be weeks where I skip on a piece of content, or maybe all 3.  I’m not sure how busy University is going to make me, but I’ll do my best anyway.

I’m not actually sure whats going on with my Angel Beats article. It had 10 views last night, and had about 30 or so views today. My view count for all of today has been my highest since I released my Stickaid Article (Only by about 7 oe 8 views though). Still, I don’t know if its real people or what, but still, views are always appreciated.

A few final things before I wrap up. I may actually start learning blender again, since I’ll have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, though I’m hoping to get a job so we’ll have to see.

I still havent written anything for the webseries to be shot next spring, but I’ll get on that soon. I basically have enough of an idea to start writing.

I think I may write my first actual ‘Special’ about christmas time, on a certain Anime director, which if you know me well, you should know who it is.

And yeah, that’s about it for this blog.

Until Next Time Folks… Toodles.


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