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Article: Stickaid 2010

[ Article By: Liam Walters ]

[Originally posted: 05/09/2010].[An

[An Off the Top Article]

So you may be wondering why I’m doing this off the top of my head, instead of a proper article. Well, mainly because I missed most of stickaid, and so can’t really comment on everything. From what I did see however, it was a very good night, and maybe next year I’ll stay awake for the entire 24 hours.

Now, some of you may be wondering what Stickaid actually is. Well, allow me to explain. Every year, Myles Dyer, who is know also known as blade376, decided that he would stay up for 24 hours straight to raise money for Unicef. This was back in 2006, and with each year that has come and gone, the event has gotten bigger and bigger.

This year, Myles was joined by youtube star and Charlie Mcdonnell, who you may know as charlieissocoollike. They were joined by many many more guests, including the rest of Charlie’s band, The Sons of Admiral, among other youtube personalities.

The live show was broadcast via Stickam, from the Stickaid HQ located in central London. As I said, I didn’t watch all of the show. It started at 12 noon on Saturday 4th September, and ran up to 12 noon on Sunday 5th September.

From what I did see, the show was very good, and included live performances from all the different youtube personalities, among requests and challenges along the way, which Charlie and Myles had to do if they reached a certain target at a certain time.

Some of these included getting make up put on, having Myles’ hair bleached, or swapping clothes with each other. Guests were also joining in with the fun, such as when Alex Day (Nerimon) said that if they reached £20’000, he would bleach his hair as well.

The target that was set for the night was £10’000, which seemed ambitious, as the first year Myles only made £500, and last year he made around £4000. But they were in for a surprise, as just before they reached the 12 hour mark, they passed their target of £10’000, in donations alone.

They also had an Ebay page with auctions, with stuff donated from Charlie, Myles and some of the guests, all of which sold really well, helping to earn even more money for Unicef.

Some of the live performances that I saw were very good, and I’m sure the large cast of youtube personalities was part of what brought in such a big crowd, and what brought in so many donations. I myself couldnt donate, as I do not have munch money to do so, and I do not have a paypal account yet.

I really wish I could have watched more so I could comment on it, but unfortunately, I didn’t end up seeing that much. I may have watched about 6 hours in total, maybe even less than that, but I will defiantly try to watch all of it next year, and maybe even donate if I have the money spare.

Talking of which, you can still donate now. I know a lot of people reading may have seen stickaid themselves, or maybe your reading this to learn about stickaid. Which ever it is, it’s still all for charity, and for a good cause.

Donations are being kept open until Monday 13th September 2010.

Oh, and incase you were wondering. When the 24 hours came to a close, they had raised over £19’000. That wasnt including the money from the Ebay Auctions, among the other sources of donations they were getting, so I say a very well done to Myles, Charlie, all the guests, the whole Stickaid Team, and to everyone who watched, voted or just spread the world.


Additional Note:

You can find highlights of the night on Youtube. Just make sure you include Stickaid 2010 ^^


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