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Fiction: Train Ride at Twilight

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

I sat, looking out the window as the golden light of the sunset reflected off my eyes. I had my arms wrapped tightly around her, holding her closely, not wanting to let her go. The day had been long and she was tired. Her eyes were drooped as she rested her head against my shoulder, slowly falling to sleep and I held her body tightly.

These were the moments in which I loved. The moments where you just feel so close to someone, and where you have no other thoughts apart from your other. The times in which you feel as though you are completely whole.

I smiled softly as I looked out of the window again, watching everything wiz by me. I saw many mountains and much greenery. We really did live in a truly beautiful place.

At this time, this exact time, I would be happy if time would stop forever. This blissful feeling would not last long, not before the monotony of normal life would set it again. But for now…I just smiled softly, my fingers entwined into hers as we held each others hand.

I became silent, listening to her each and every soft breath. It was almost rhythmic, and was just one of many things which I loved about her. The orange light was quickly cut out as we speeded through a tunnel, the yellow lights of the train now lighting the rest of her body up. She shifted closer to me, mumbling something as my heart skipped a beat.

I was still stunned by her beauty…To most people, she was just average…But to me, she seemed like the most beautiful person in the world. She still made my hands tremble in those rare occasions I see her more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

We returned back out of the tunnel, as we were once again hit by orange light. I now recognised our surroundings, which meant we were that much closer to home…I felt a little sad. Today had been one of the very best days. But it was now over…Something about that made me feel sad…But I was kept in hope. In hope that someday, in the near future, nearly everyday would be like today.

We only had a short time left at college to go, and then we would be free. I always found great inspirations with my surroundings, and so I had planned to travel the world after college. My first plan was to go it alone, but then, she came into my life, and my plans suddenly changed…For the better.

She also shared the same dream. To travel the world, seeing all the beauty and splendour the world has to offer. In the big large places, and in the little, almost unknown places. We shared the same belief that you can find beauty almost anywhere, you just have to seek it. And that is what we planned to do. To go out into this world, this world which was so engulfed in oil and money, and find the true beauty of it. The beauty in which the rest of the world ignored, but what we found so precious.

3 months…That how long we had to wait now…3 months and then we would be able to leave this city, in which we were born, and raised in. The city which had been so kind to us, we would leave for better places, but we would always have a place in our hearts for this city, because even here, in places you see everyday, there is always new beauty to be found. You could see the same thing, everyday for years, but each day see a new kind of beauty within it…

That was just the kind of people we were. We were able to see beauty in the most simplistic of things, and we were so appreciative of every little thing we had…Maybe that is why fate had brought us together. So we could share both the little and the big things, in a way no one else would be able to.

The train started to slow down, as I checked my watch. 20 minutes until we had to leave the train. That is when today would truly end. At the time we stepped off this train we would return back to our daily lives, but now with something in our future to look forward to, it would give us new strength to overcome everything and anything…

I thought over the events of today, which filled me with a warm feeling. These memories, these precious memories I would keep with me. We returned today, to the place of where we first met. The small beach by the sea, in which you could climb the sea wall, and watch as the sun would set over the sea, creating the most beautiful that has yet to be beaten.

We met there 2 years ago, this very day. She was a photographer, as I was a poet. We were both looking for a new place to just think. To be alone with our own thoughts, to watch sometime beautiful to gain inspiration. And that is what happened, but so much more, as we found each other. From any day, at any time, we both happened to end up in the same place…We began to talk…I do not remember what about, but since that time we found each other again and again, and with each encounter we became closer and closer.

Our relationship just grew from that point, and developed into this. This happy place in which I was now. These small moments we had together were the most special to me, as I could wish for nothing better.

We once again started to slow down, as I gently woke my sleeping beauty. She smiled softly at me, giving me a soft kiss on the lips as I smiled back. As the train came to a full stop, we left out seats, and exited the train, hand in hand.

“So today is over then…It’s a shame really” She said, with a soft sigh as her eyes drooped.

“Maybe so…But we have so much more ahead of us…We just have this one final hurdle to pass and then we can leave for our utopia.” I said with a smile, squeezing her hand as she giggled.

“Yeah…We have had the best of times already, but the future is still ahead of us. We may not know what will happen, but as long as we face everything together, hand in hand, we shall surely overcome everything” She said, with a more determined attitude.

Yes…She was right…We would face a lot of problems in the future…Everyone would…But as long as you have someone to hold on to…you will learn that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.


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