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Fiction: Night City

[ Written By: Liam Walters ]

I walked through the dark night sky, unsure of where I was going, but knowing I had to get away.

That place…It clouded my thoughts with worries and fears. Too much was going on in my head, and I just wanted escape. And so I took my coat and headed out. The time was unknown, but I ventured on, with no destination in mind.

I started to think deeply over the stuff I had in my mind, hopefully to clear it all out, although knowing that if…when my time came to return, new problems would replace the old ones. Still…one by one I would solve these problems, these problems between me and my friends, so we can one day escape this perpetual darkness, and escape into the light.

I pulled my coat tighter on me, the night breeze chilling me to my bones. Normally, I would not be on the streets at a time like these. I was not the type to go on random adventures in the night, but just the thought of staying there made me bitter and placed me in a dark place.

I looked up to the clear night sky, being able to see each and every star. The lights around me swirled, which beautifully made this small town shine. That is why I decided to move here, because where ever you are, or what ever the time, you could always find beauty in this town…And that’s what people like us needed. We…The children of the night, needed something to hold on to, and maybe this town was our thing…The town that brought us together for the first time…The town that brought us all back again…

The streets were empty and silent, as dried brown leafs flew in the wind around my feet. Autumn had plainly set in, and winter was close on its way. Soon the snow would fall, and this town would be coated in a thin white layer. This town was at its best during winter. The true beauty of the town came together, but not in the physical form…No…In the form of the town’s people. The friendly folk who gather together, celebrating just being with each other…

My mind quickly turned back to the darkness though, as I began to see things in an unfair light. Why should we have to live in darkness? We get problems upon problems, things just never stop. Do we really deserve this…Is this some kind of punishment…Why is it that the rest of the town can have their happiness, but we can only have it as a taste, before it’s taken away all too soon.

My phone began to ring, and I dug it out my pocket. Looking at the name flashing on the screen, I look away, not really wanting to talk…The phone soon rings again…She wasn’t giving in easily…But I just did not have the energy to deal with it, so I left it to ring to itself. After three more attempt, it seems she gave up, as my phone went into a blissful silence.

I came upon the lake, sitting down in front of it on the damp grass, watching the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. My phone went again. It was starting to bug me, so without even glancing at the name, I simply tossed it to the water, distorting the reflection with the ripples of the water….I would probably regret that in the morning, but at that time, I felt defeated, unable to continue on.

I sat in silence, watching the ripples eventually fade as the water became still. Thoughts were beginning to cloud my mind again, as everything was flooding back at once. I was a fool to think I could escape…Not even for a few hours….Because eventually I would have to go back…To the place of nightmares…

Or…Did I? I began to think seriously for a while, going through the scenarios. I imagined what would happen if I just left…Now and today. Never to return to that place again…I had nothing there of importance…I could escape and start again…Make things right from the beginning…And not allow myself to fall into the pit of disappear my life here had become.

I more or less decided on it at that moment, this was my plan…I would run away…See if I could escape the darkness…I was doing the right thing…Leaving people might help…It might encourage them to escape…I did not really know…But I knew what was right for me…And that was leaving.

I stood up; I would leave the beauty of this city, but determined in my heart that I would find more beauty. This world is large, and I would be sure to find another place…A better place, where I could be in the light…Or so I thought…

The darkness had come, and it was my calling hour. I would escape the darkness of this city…But not the way I intended…I fell to the floor, my body motionless, laid beside the lake…I was dead.


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